Sunday at AYL, just!

Our train line has been voted one of the worst performing in the country, I can well believe it and just in case anyone asks, I didn’t cast multiple votes, I wasn’t asked at all in fact. But today it lived up to its reputation by cancelling the first train to practice, bastards, I could of had another 30 minutes under the covers. I was the only person waiting, so having 30 minutes to waste I put my bag down and did standing forward bends and then some backbends down a poster on the wall to help the warming up process.

Eventually arrived at AYL at 8.20, surprisingly not very busy at all, found a spot and off I went. It was really warm in there today, my t-shirt was drenched after the Surya’s. My t-shirt is now doing time on the washing line along with my shorts and my mat! A nice standing sequence, a UHP adjustment this week from Louise, which felt ok, my hips had some rotation in them and it also helped that both mat neighbours were doing seated, so they didn’t end up with my toe in their ear.

Seated feel disjointed of late mainly because of swapping the ankle cross for the vinyasas, it just doesn’t feel natural, just awkward and ungainley. My leg was a little higher up my thigh in Ardha Badha P., though my knee soon let me know when it was high enough, thank you very much. It gives me these “Don’t push your luck” warning signs. It did let me do Triang Mukha and being so warm I actually managed to grab my wrist beyond my foot on both sides.

Some adjustments seem to arrive a little too quickly, I had bound my hands in Supta K and was happily wriggling away, getting my feet to cross, when they were crossed for me and lifted, not that I object in the slightest and would never say no to an adjustment unless it was going to kill my knee, but although I did Supta K, I like to do it myself. The help I now need with Supta K is getting the head further along the ground and under the feet, so I can lift with the feet behind my head. I am beginning to want to make more effort in Ubhya and Urdva P. I am managing to come up and over with control in Ubhya now, but Urdva P is another matter, Usually I have one go at trying to balance then move on, but a voice in my head said “you are in the perfect place to practice, try again”, as I tried to catch the balance and stretch my legs on attempt number 2, I felt a well timed piece of assistance arrive behind, meaning I could concentrate on stretching the legs and pull them towards me.

The good thing about my Yogitoes cloth mat is that the wetter it gets, the better traction it seems to give me, so when it came to backbends there was hope. After Setu Bandhasana I did some bridges before Urdva Dhanurasana. First 3 UD’s were virtually up and down, then I did 3 more where I stayed up, for longer each time and tried to walk my hands in. It was one of those days where I had the time, my back was warmed up and ready to bend and I had some energy left. It felt good so decided to play at dropbacks, no sooner had I stood up than help arrived. Think Louise remembered my nearly passing out the last time I was at AYL, so she started off with having me do 3 half way dropbacks, before deciding I had more control and it was safe to go to the bottom. She had me concentrate on engaging the hips and just continuing to breathe on the way down, however many breaths it took, once at the bottom she got me to walk my hands in, exhale anything left and then come back up on the inhale, repeated this 3 times, great, no dizzyness and a feeling of where the control should come from, even if I can’t control it yet.

Into the finishing room to finish off, even managed 3 x Ardha Sirsasana without going over the top, followed by a well deserved 10 minute Savasana. This goes to show that provided the teachers are good, practice is practice, wherever you end up doing it and you can get the same feeling of contented wellness wherever you lay your mat. At least I know my practice is safe while YP is out of reach.

V. I’m afraid there were no yogi’s in AMT, I never realised that place had seats at the back, I thought it was just a counter, but the tea was good.


2 Responses to “Sunday at AYL, just!”

  1. V Says:

    At AYL, everyone gets put into Supta K, I’m sure the teachers wouldn’t take offense if you tell them you want to have a go at it yourself first, but by default they will put you into it. I personally don’t mind 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    I’ll just have to get quicker at doing Supta K myself! I don’t mind the adjustment in the least, but it was a surprise after months of being encouraged to try and do it on my own to find assistance coming so fast.

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