I yi yiy yiy yi

Yes that’s the sound a grown man made when the massage therapist stuck her sharp thumb exactly to the millimetre into the left side QL problem. Well I did tell her to go for it! She said its like the left side QL has a knot about the size of a penny and she did her best to try and give it some release. If ever there was a case of no pain no gain this was it. I almost jumped off the end of her table. She backed off and worked around it, then gradually increased the pressure on the spot with little circles, increasing the intensity and depth of pressure to only just this side of bearable. But gradually she got some release into it, tomorrows Marichyasana C will be the proof of how much difference she has made.

A different approach to my usual therapist, who has a much more holistic approach, this therapist had a very much more sports injury type of approach. Although she worked both sides, she worked very intensely into the areas causing me discomfort. She had begun by undoing my right shoulder, which actually feels like it has dropped, lovely.

After the QL she moved onto the tight top of my left hip, again seeming to find the exact, very painful spot. Both the hip and QL problems seem to be very localised. Again little circles increasing the pressure and pain, telling me to try and breathe as the intensity increased. She asked me if I could feel anything into my leg, I did have a strange tingling sensation in my glute, my hip does feel much looser now. She finished off by putting pressure on the trigger points in the buttocks and testing the movement in my hip, which she said were good.

It was good to have a treatment from someone with a different approach, I will definitley go back if needs be. I got the usual lecture about drinking enough water, why is it so hard to get this stuff down your neck. She also said no practice today, but to keep moving and do practice tomorrow.

8 Responses to “I yi yiy yiy yi”

  1. yogamum Says:

    I kind of like those excruciatingly painful massages. Feels like something is really getting “fixed.” Take it easy.

    I don’t drink enough water, either. It seems so easy, doesn’t it???

  2. globie Says:

    I think painful massages are far better than what a friend of mine refers to as “skin polishing” ones. Also proves those aches are not imaginery, I definitley knew about it when she found it. It does feel like things have moved, just a case of keeping warm and loose.

    I prefer my water hot, with a tea bag added, plain water just doesnt do it!

  3. Alin Says:

    Ahhhh, I hope you get some relief. That sounds like a great massage, so glad she recognized your issues. I too love the deep tissue, hurtme hurtme massages. Those soft, rubbing massages are such a waste of time. Savasana is more therapeutic than that stuff!

    That’s so funny you don’t like water! I worry that I drink too much water. I have to limit myself or I go to the bathroom like 3 times during practice! Cut off is 3 o’clock.

    I hope you take it easy today and have great luck with transport in the morning!

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Alin,
    I don’t dislike water as such, its just a bit tasteless and in our cold climate a hot drink is better or so it seems. I have been good today though and tried to drink quite a bit, but like you it seems to go straight through!

  5. Pat Says:

    It sounds like you had a productive session. Mine are always painful since I’m looking to get rid of knots. The problem is that I have so many that the most serious ones are the ones that get worked on so I’m not feeling better all over when I get done. And most don’t want to work that hard for an hour and a half. Have a great practice tomorrow.

  6. susananda Says:

    Sounds good! I can’t wait to get another one where he spends an hour digging into my forearms…

  7. Mike Says:

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  8. globie Says:

    Will try to get another one in a couple of weeks, Mari C felt much more comfortable today.

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