Ashtanga to Wii!

Well they didn’t exactly cancel the train, it was just the odd 20 minutes late, ho hum.. Still at AYL 15 minutes earlier then last week and for the first time I went in and it was already full with one person already beginning their practice in the “finishing room”. It felt strange starting practice in there, its not as warm, luckily some of the early birds were finishing, for the first time I heard Anna call out “One more”, it was my turn for a space, as V said “Hello” on her way into the finishing room.

It felt really cramped today, hardly any space between mats, good practice for going to Mysore I suppose. I was left alone until Prasarita Padot C and then UHP’d, my left hip felt comfortable today as it went to the side. Yesterday’s massage hopefully loosened the hip.

It was actually a good practice, well better than expected, sometimes I am really tight the day after a treatment. I did help that the main room was really warm, I was saturated by seated and all those vinyasas. My muscles, especially the QL appreciated the heat, so it was nice when I had got myself into Marichyasana C for Louise to come and adjust me into a much deeper twist, for the first time in ages on the second side I was able to go with it, although I could still feel the QL it was nothing like as uncomfortable. I think I may try and get another treatment to see if she can finish the job. On the second attempt I managed to bind Marichyasana D, its so satisfying when the fingers find each other. I was almost into Supta K on my own, when I know not who, came and crossed my feet and helped lift me.

No backbend ADD today, well not after I had done some bridges to make my back ready for 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana, the first one was up and down, but the next 4 I managed to stay up longer with each and walked my hands in on the last. I only got a couple of hangbacks in before dropback assistance arrived, no halfways this week, straight into assisted full dropbacks, walking the hands in and staying down for 5 on the last one. Although I am probably years from doing this on my own, they no longer feel alien, I don’t panic, do remember to breathe most of the time and don’t pass out on the way back up. I suppose some of the fear factor has gone, now its just apprehension!

Decamped back to the finishing room for the rest of closing, where there was more space, just in case of any little accidents in headstand, not that there were. It is cooler in there, especially when you lay down for Savasana on a soggy mat, at least there are some blankets within reach to stop your chilling too quickly. So a satisfying practice, I do love the temperature at AYL even if it is cramped.

Back to the station and found a very late running (35mins) train heading for home, I ran down the slope and jumped in the last carriage as the doors closed. I could really do without running after 2 intense hours of practice, but I wasnt going to wait at least another 30 minutes for the next one.

I needed to get home as we went out for my mothers birthday lunch, then it was back to my sisters place to have a go on her Wii yoga programme, thankfully I didn’t disgrace myself and got the highest score for holding tree pose steady!

I have drunk plenty of water since practice finished, as well as tea and juice, but my head is now splitting again, don’t get it.


2 Responses to “Ashtanga to Wii!”

  1. Alin Says:

    Sounds like a great practice!

    Are you doing Primary, or throwing on those 2S poses you were given in India?

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Alin,

    No criminality when I practice at the shala, just a straight through Primary plus dropbacks. I usually indulge 2S at home

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