Crashed at 7

I got home from work, did some Forward bends, had dinner and crashed out for 13 hours. Well except for at some point in the night when I woke up with such aching pain in the back of my legs, my legs are used to being stretched, especially after 8 hours in an office chair, is this what the famed DVT feels like I wonder. I had to get up and stand in Uttanasana and rub my legs until the pain subsided and i could crawl back under the covers.

At least getting the lurgy early in the week hopefully means the worst will be over by the weekend, but then if I havn’t managed to do any proper practice, will doing 2 shala practices be a bit much, then there’s the workshop I would like to do on Sunday afternoon too.

At least my printer made my day, he delivered the work along with a giant tin of chocolates, which he forgot to give me at Christmas.

That’s the problem when I am ill, I go for comfort (bad) food, chocolate etc. I really want to some kind of a practice tonight, everything feels compressed, if I dont practice I know I will end up huddled up against the radiator watching TV and demolishing that tin of chockies!


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