Up in the air

I just don’t mean about deciding whether to practice tomorrow, but almost literally this morning. I was waiting to cross the road, the traffic lights changed to red, the green man appeared and I crossed the first line of cars which had stopped, I glanced to my right and suddenly thought “she’s not going to stop” and she didn’t, as she tried to make the right turn on red (Illegal here), I screamed at her and she slammed on the brakes as I literally jumped out of the way, I walked to the drivers window and gave her a few, well quite a few choice phrases and just to piss her off even more I took a photo of her number plate. What really annoyed me was the fact that she was taking her own child to school, what would her reaction have been if her child had been hit while crossing. That crossing is used by hundreds of kids every morning and also waiting on the other side was the “walking crocodile” of 5 year olds dressed in dayglo waist coats waiting to cross in the opposite direction to the infant school, who could easily have been halfway across, hopefully none of the infants will repeat some of the choice phrases I used!

Work definitley has sick building syndrome, I felt shit all day and was virtually asleep this afternoon.

Last nights plan to practice in order to be tired and sleep backfired, I was tired all right, but failed to get hardly any sleep again. When I got home I made some tea and decided to practice as the afternoon sunshine was streaming in giving the room a cosy warmth. I ony did 3 x A’s and 3 x B’s, before managing standing ok, strangely as I practised I actually felt better. Seated were less painful tonight, though I ran out of vinyasa energy after Janusirsasana B, I went through the rest of seated throwing in the odd vinyasa when I had some energy or felt the need to re-align my back. After adding in some cheaters Ustrasana and some bridges I manged 2 reasonable Urdva Dhanurasanas, but ran out of time then, so didn’t get a chance to try out Susan’s variations on a dropback theme. But a reasonable practice.

If I manage to get a nights sleep tonight, then I will go and do mysore in the morning, if not then I will try again for AYL on Sunday, but I think ideas of following a 2 hour mysore practice with a workshop will be too much, I am getting better, but I am lacking energy. Hopefully my body is running out of energy fighting this lurgy.


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