Prophetic advice from my MP3 & AC

Its been a very long day, my MP3 player is old, plays on a loop and quite often does it s own thing for no apparent reason. As I walked up the final steep hill to my house tonight, it decided to play Dolores O’riordan singing “I wanna go home, I wanna get well“, I laughed as they were the 2 things I wanted at that moment, then croakily joined in before the next coughing fit arrived.

I had woken at 6am coughing and sneezing, but feeling like I had managed to get a little more sleep, as I had to be in London anyway to run the travel club today, I thought I’m awake I may as well go and do practice, so headed into London and down to Notting Hill and TLC.  Michaela had got the Loft nice and warm and people had already begun to practice, the windows were steamed up and I thought OK just take it slowly, as it felt like I wouldn’t have to generate the heat on my own. Standing were ok, I took extra breaths in poses that stretched my hamstrings out, then got a UHP adjustment as Michaela laughingly accused me of dancing!

Seated with all those vinyasas, I did them all, got harder and harder and by Marichyasana C I felt really tired and slowed down even more, though I did manage to bind Mari D on my own again. I got most of the way into Supta Kurmasana, but I just couldn’t find the energy to wriggle in fully, luckily help arrived, I was bound and lifted, but the jump back from Bakasana completely wiped me out, so I added in a Balasana, just to get my equilibrium back.

I snook in a cheaters Ustrasana, knowing Michaela is quite broad minded and I wouldnt get a lecture, before some bridges and finally 4 reasonable Urdva Dhanurasanas. I passed on dropbacks, I didn’t have the energy to have any kind of control for myself and my breath was getting stuck and my head heavy, I didn’t want to pass out again, so thought better of it. I can’t have been that slow, as when I looked at the clock it had taken me 95 minutes to get to Savasana. Laying down makes the coughing come back, so it wasn’t a nice restful Savasana, but it did leave me conscious enough to watch the girl on the next mat do a spectacular Cirque de Soleilesque series of handstands. I dont know her name, but if you happen to read this they were awsome!!

After practice and 20 minutes standing under TLC’s glorious hot shower, I went to the Farmers market, where I found a georgeous slice of wheat free, very sugary shortbread, better than eating raw sugar lumps I suppose. As I walked to the tube I realised I was barely with it, I was just soooo tired.

This afternoon has been busy, around 150 people turned up to hear lectures at the travel club on Eritrea and RTW cycling. AC texted to see how things were going, I admitted I was shattered. It didn’t take long for a text back to say I need to give my body a rest, the postures will still be there next weekend. I know she’s right and Dolores confirmed it, this week has wiped me out and practice, although I enjoyed it and as usual it put me in a far better frame of mind, but my body needs rest and sleep. This poxy virus is not going to go while I put my body through this much, so sorry AYL, but tomorrow I am going to turnover even if I do wake up and try and let my body use what little energy it has left to fight this lurgy.


3 Responses to “Prophetic advice from my MP3 & AC”

  1. V Says:

    Sounds like a wise thing to do!!! Get well soon.

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks V. I have never had a cold go on and on like this.

  3. V Says:

    I was sick as a dog for five full days last week, which never happens to me.

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