A day of doing nothing

I got about 2 1/2  hours of decent sleep last night, after that it was 9 hours laying there, hoping to drop off. I was wide awake at 6.45am when I could have/wanted to be, going to the station to catch the train to AYL, but I knew there was absolutley no way I had the energy for the walk, let alone 2 intense hours of practice.

I think having a yoga practice does make the body better able to cope with minor illnesses, the illness is usually less intense and the recovery time quicker, but when an illness takes hold as this one seems to have, then trying to continue to practice as I have done, seems to have the effect of depleting the body of the energy it needs to fight the illness.  I didn’t practice  Tuesday, and only a little stretch on Wednesday. I thought I would be back to normal by the weekend. Friday I did a primary at home and yesterday I did a decent shala practice. After I left the shala yesterday I had the mental satisfaction and joy that only practice seems to bring, but realised I was physically completely  wiped out.

Doing nothing today was all I could manage. I have never known a cold drag on for nearly a week.


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