Every other day

I am still very “chesty” and tired from the lack of  a deep nights sleep, so I don’t have the energy for a full practice two days running. As soon as I began to do Surya A, I knew it wasn’t going to happen, so decided to do standing and see what happened. I ended up doing a pick and mix from seated, mainly forward bends, Mari C and then tried to get my hips to open up again with a longer held than usual Baddha Konasana and some pigeon poses, I can feel the tightness. I need to do backbends every day just to keep them where they are, let alone to progress, so did some slow Salbhasana and Dhanurasana’s before turning over for bridges ans 4 ok ish UD’s. I didn’t have the strength left to resume the walking in experiments.

Last night was another fairly sleepless one, I think the backbends and practice in general is moving stuff in my chest, which I then spend until 3am coughing. I must have dropped off at some point then slept way way too late and ended up having to take a box of granola to work with me for breakfast!

Hopefully I will practice tonight, have a nice therapy day tomorrow and then manage a proper shala practice at AYL on Sunday, that’s the plan.


2 Responses to “Every other day”

  1. Alfia Says:

    I can’t sleep at all if I do backbends late in the day. Even the finishing sequence does not help. Are you sure it is just the cough, not the backbending agitation that keeps you awake?

  2. globie Says:

    I quite often practice later in the day and sleep ok after.

    It feels like there is a weight on my chest, especially when I lay on my back, I never thought I would find Savasana impossible, but it is just now.

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