Its not the cough that carries U off, its the coffin they carry U off in!

Well that’s what my Grandmother used to say. Its the cough that’s stopping me sleeping, I know that much.. This lurgy has started to bring back a mild bout of IBS too, which I’m tempted to irradicate by shelling out for a Colonic , a kind of nuclear option.

I did a 40 minute practice this evening, standing, seated forward bends and some not very good backbends, as my guts gurgled away, all these things seem to be sapping my energies. Then there was having my hair cut short again this morning,Samson syndrome, but the head massage was nice!

But tomorrow I’m heading for AYL, I want a hot sweaty practice, but we’ll just have to see how much I am able to put into it, hopefully adrenaline will take me through.I can always sleep all afternoon


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