Steaming, but not flowing.

The alarm woke me from a deep sleep this morning, I hate it when that happens, I prefer to wake naturally with the light. The train pitched up just 10 minutes late today, one day it will be on time, but whether I live long enough to see it is another matter.

Quite surprised to see so many spaces when I got to AYL, the other week it was packed, but today I took my spot in the corner near the radiator. I wanted to be warm, but despite the radiator it took a while to get going. I started off slowly, got squished in downward dog, then left alone until Prasarita Padot C, I was on breath 4 when I felt the tap on my back from Louise and knew I would be there a bit longer, I don’t mind the adjustment so much in this one now, I used to find it excruciating on my shoulders, but I like the feeling when the body finds space and the adjuster is subtle enough to go with it and take you a bit further.

Seated began ok, I got a nice adjustment in Triang Mukha, but this seemed to wipe me out, I did the vinyasa and just plonked down, I was oh so tempted to call it a day, I was physically spent, it came over me very suddenly like a wave, but I have never bailed out during a shala practice and I was determined to finish my practice, so ploughed on. I Did Mari A-C, but I was only able to finger touch Marichyasana D, I just didnt have the strength left to get myself twisted any further round. I managed Bhuja but as I jumped back from Bakasana my knees hit the floor before my feet! Supta Kurmasana adjustment bound my hands, but I was so far gone by this point I just let Anna cross my feet, I lifted but abandoned jumping back. As I rocked in Garbha I realised my shirt was actually steaming.

Urdva Dhanurasana must have looked as dire to Anna as they felt to me, I managed to stay up on the 3rd one, then Anna appeared behind me and had me grab her ankles and then helped me stay up with a strap, before administering a Paschimottanasana squish, there was no way dropbacks were going to happen even with assistance. Off to the finishing room, when I saw the clock I realised it had been quite a quick practice, but that was more down to just almost doing the minimum, instead of staying in poses longer as I usually do and no extra backbend work at all.

Oh well not all practices can be good, I think its more than just the chesty cough that is draining me of energy, my stomach is playing up too and I think that saps me more than I realise, which is why I have an appointment at 5.30 tomorrow night, I’m fed up being ill, the Nutritionist and her tube await!

Two things made me laugh at the shala today, I used the loo and noticed the “Don’t hog the bog” sign on the inside of the door and then on the way out there was a cartoon on the noticeboard of a street corner, from one corner a yogini was emerging with a happy contented smile from the yoga shala, round the corner a round angry looking ball holding a hammer was waiting for her, with “Life” on it!

On the way home I stopped at the local Farmers Market to buy my wheat free Granola from a local company, as well as my usual Cinnamon and Raisin she had a new variety, wheat free granola with Belgian chocolate, brekky heaven has arrived, though there may not be any left by breakfast at this rate, as my non typing hand finds its way into the bag again!

An afternoon of R&R, do I need it, plus trying to drink as much water as possible to stave off the splitting head and to help things along tomorrow, water is just so hard to get down.


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