Low energy

I managed to drag myself through another full Primary last night for the 2nd day running.Although the lurgy is beginning to abate I am still dog tired from nearly 3 weeks of precious little sleep. By the time I got halfway through seated I was spent, though again found the energy to bind Mari D and Supta Kurmasana, so at least there must be more in the tank than there was last week.

Practice took me the best part of 2 hours, what with some extra backbend work and some handstands, purely because I like trying them, though the IKEA bookcase came very close to another demolition when my Udiyana bandha couldn’t hold me up.

I think a full practice every other day is going to have to suffice, with a bit of stretching on the other day. This was followed by yet another virtually sleepless night, although the cough is not quite as bad, the poxy tooth I had filled before Christmas is playing up again. I’m fed up with is, I am so tired. Tonight I will forgo practice and have a massage including hot stones, I really hope this induces 8 hours of sleep, do I need it.


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