It’s coming out!

By lunchtime the tooth had gone from annoying to pounding,throbbing pain, at which point I rang the dentists to try and get an emergency appointment. The Receptionist then told me that although the surgery has 5 dentists, 4 are away, leaving one lady who only does mornings, its a joke, how can they let them all be off at the same time. I then decided  to take a chance and ring a place I pass on the way to the station each Sunday. When I explained my predicament, they said it would cost me £90, but they will remove the tooth at 1pm on Monday, I just have to survive the weekend. The intense pain is sporadic, Wednesday night I hardly slept because of it, but yesterday it was not too bad and I thought it was settling down again, but when it gets a head of steam up, I don’t know where to put myself.

Home at 4pm, I wanted to practice so just got on with it, but everytime I did a forward bend in the Surya’s, as the blood went to my head the pain in my tooth increased. I gave up doing Surya’s and went to the postures, I found that if I moved really slowly the tooth didn’t flare up as much. I finished standing and got to Marichyasana A, at which point the doorbell rang and practice had to stop.

At least the weekend is here, I want to practice at AYL on Sunday, especially now my body is feeling more like its old cranky self after 17 days of lurgy, I just hope when I wake on Sunday that this bloody tooth problem isnt this weeks excuse for my body not to get back with the programme.


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