Sunnier Sunday practice


This cartoon is on the noticeboard at the shala, it makes me laugh on the way home, even if it does seem to be true, every time my practice is enjoyable and moving in a good direction, something comes along to screw it up, whether it be stress fracturing my foot, the crap transport system in this country, the lurgy or toothache, life takes its revenge.

Practice was oh so much better this morning, even if I did end up in the corner again. The Shala was warm, the sun was streaming through the windows and I had the energy to make practice feel more like how it should, rather than a slog like last week. My mind was in the practice, even my aching tooth settled down so that it wasn’t a distraction (It’s still coming out tomorrow). You know when you feel better, postures have more length and I was able to extend into them and enjoy the sensations of the muscles and ligaments escaping from last weeks restrictions. Even being adjusted in UHP wasn’t a trauma, though I wish there was more space for the leg out to the side part. I knew I was going well when I had managed to cross my own feet in Supta K before Louise arrived to help bind my hands, she helped my hands then tapped me on my back to let me know I was there, I even lifted up, but as usual it did seem to take a lot of my effort and I sat puffing at the front of mat, Louise came back to see if I was ok.

The backbend programme was back today, I did some bridges then 2 Urdva Dhanurasanas, but I can’t have got the hand positioning right as they kept sliding away forcing me to come down, Louise arrived and had me do one using her ankles, then had me do 3 dropbacks. UD takes a lot out of me, its almost like I can’t catch my breath and I suspect that may be part of the reason for my dizzyness episodes when doing dropbacks with Anna a few weeks ago. If I can get a minute or so playing around with dropbacks on my own and re-catching my breath, when a teacher then comes to help I am in a much better breath position to get something out of the dropback, as with today when I managed to walk my hands in before coming back up.

By the time I had done Savasana practice had taken 10 minutes short of 2 hours, back to its normal timescale at last, but unlike last week when I crawled home drained, this week I left the shala with energy and a buzzing mind as I walked along in the sunshine. The train home was actually on time as well.

It’s going to be a long week until next Sunday’s practice, the dentist to survive tomorrow and the Nutritionist next Saturday.


3 Responses to “Sunnier Sunday practice”

  1. Alin Says:

    Practice with sun streaming through the windows…ahhhh yeah.

    I share your frustration with backbends. I am in a place now where I just don’t get the point. What is my goal, where am I meant to go? I have to walk all the way to my ankles to even feel anything but what am I supposed to be feeling anyway?

    Pssh, whatever. I don’t like them.

    Good luck at the dentist tomorrow! Just breath into the pain and it’ll all be over. 🙂

  2. Alfia Says:

    I like how life is depicted on this cartoon – a blob of mucus. Exactly! Very funny.
    Good luch at the dentist’s! And do not let life interfere with what matters – THE PRACTICE. 🙂

  3. globie Says:

    The dentist told me NO strenuous exercise for 24 hours, so I suppose that means no practice!

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