RMT Scum at it again

Not only can I not get to YP on Sunday’s because of TFL, it looks like I wont even be able to get to AYL this week as those scumbags who run the RMT have called a strike for Sunday on London Midland services into London. I am getting well and truly pissed off with this, especially in the current economic climate, these union dinosaurs seem to be able to get away with holding the country to ransom while the likes of Fred the Shred walk away with millions for fucking up the banking system. Those of us just trying to get through life and take what litle pleasures we can are screwed at every corner. Those joyful hours of practice at AYL or YP on Sundays are the sole reason I bother going through the motions of the rest of the week. At this rate there wont actually be any reason to open my eyes on any of the 7 days of the week.


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