They’ve seen sense!

Newsflash from the train company, Sunday’s strike has been called off, I’ll get my precious practice after all, BIG sigh of relief.

I have been busy booking or attempting to book some workshops. I started off getting an e-mail offering me my preferred Mysore start time for Kino, so that’s good. I then booked a weekend workshop for June with Dena, the only thing I was too late for was Seane Corn’s afternoon workshop on Good Friday afternoon, I had been waiting to see if we are having trains that day, we are alledgedly getting a Saturday service, so tried to book, but its full, oh well. I’m on the waiting list, hopefully someone will drop out.


7 Responses to “They’ve seen sense!”

  1. Alin Says:

    Yay! That is excellent news.

    And so great about the Kino start time. I cannot wait to hear what you and Susan have to say about that.

    I’m thinking about signing up for the Matthew Sweeney weekend here in Austin. Have you ever gone to him?

  2. globie Says:

    Am really looking forward to the weekend with Kino, Friday evening to Sunday night,, yoga yoga yoga.

    Have never done any Matt Sweeney. There are so many workshops and teachers nowadays.

  3. gumbomum Says:

    Does this mean you are finally going to meet Patty? Take a photo together for me!!!

  4. globie Says:

    Yep we are finally going to meet.

  5. susananda Says:

    Matthew Sweeney is excellent. And he is coming to YP in May!

    I need to book that before it sells out.

    Alin, for more info on his workshops, ask Patrick or Karen (DZM), or search their archives….

  6. globie Says:

    MS is the bank holiday weekend, the trains could be an issue, again….

  7. susananda Says:


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