More bridge than Croquet hoop!

Well the score was One – Nil to yoga, over those RMT Union arseholes. The train company Managers broke today’s strike and I got to do my practice. Two days in a row, in a warm shala with teaching help makes a hell of a difference to my practice. I felt much more open, I had done standing before I realised, even the UHP assist didn’t feel stressfull to my hamstrings.

Different adjustmets today, got help in Triang Mukha and Marichyasana A, I managed “D” on my own after a second attempt and I was actually slithery enough and quick enough to get completely bound up in Supta K, before anyone had the chance to assist me. I feel practice is returning after almost a month of illness, toothache and inertia, just in time for the Kino workshop in 2 weeks time.

A bit of UD ADD, before I reset my brain, then mentally turned on DK’s instructions about grounding the feet, controlling the breath and pushing up into Urdva Dhanurasana, pressing into the thumbs. 1 up and down, then 4 good ones.

Luckily the teachers were assisting others, so I got to play around with my dropbacks before Louise arrived, to take me down to the ground, walk in, exhale completely, then come back up 4 times. I know I am both physically and mentally ready to do this, or works towards it at least, today she had me not only pushing the pelvis forward as before, but also trying to lift the chest upward. She explained that my dropback needs to be more the shape of a croquet hoop than a bridge, so my hands land nearer my feet, which in theory should make it easier to push back up. I can definitley see what she means, but the execution is something else. But to even be doing this now is something I never expected, a couple of years ago doing 3 crappy UD’s at the end of practice wiped me out.

I realised today that the lack of space at AYL can have some beneficial effects, my practice today was much more focussed, I was in the narrow part where I literally had a yellow wall behind and in front of me and the radiator to my left, there was nobody opposite or in front to catch sight of, unlike yesterday where there were more potential distractions.

The closing room was full when I went to move there, Louise headed me off to finish where I had started. A really good practice today, I’m glad I went and took a chance on the trains. They are closed next week, boo hoo, suppose I will just have to eat chokky eggs!


5 Responses to “More bridge than Croquet hoop!”

  1. Alin Says:

    Yay! Glad you had a good practice. Two in a row even! That’s pretty close to a perfect weekend, huh Kev?


  2. globie Says:

    Yes, preety well the perfect weekend. The consistency shows through when I get two in a row. I needed a couple like that to start to get me ready for the workshop in 2 weeks time. You can’t get that level of intensity only doing practice at home.

  3. Alfia Says:

    I like the term UD ADD. It has a nice roll to it.
    Today I had ADD starting for Surya A and up until Pasasana; UDs managed to calm my mind somehow.

    Happy Monday, Kevin!

  4. globie Says:

    The ADD is weird, sometimes I dont actually become present until janu A, then lapse into UD ADD!

    Just had good news that Cary is teaching on easter Sunday and staying over here longer. You cant have her back, we are keeping her!

  5. susananda Says:

    Hey… what do you mean she’s ‘staying over here longer’ ??

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