Fitted in an hour

After 2 shala practices two days in a row I was desperate to try and retain some of the openness my body, especially my hamstrings had gained. But back in the real world having a yoga practice when you don’t have daily access to a shala means compromises have to inevitably take place. Admittedly yoga wins more often nowadays, but today I got home and did some backbends but didnt get on my mat properly until gone 8pm. And even that got interupted, am thinking of getting a sign for the door, “Yoga in progress, don’t even think about it”.

Practised through to Marichyasana C, then closing without backbends as I had done them earlier, was just in Shoulderstand when I got interupted yet again, so decided to give up.

Roll on the Easter weekend, hopefully 2 shala practices, plus the Seane Corn workshop. But best of all hopefully yoga without distractions.


2 Responses to “Fitted in an hour”

  1. Wayne Says:

    “Yoga in progress, don’t even think about it” – well said! ;-> Hope you get some quality time on holiday.

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Wayne, sure am looking forward to the weekend and lots of practice, not to mention mental peace and quiet!

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