It’s what’s eating you that matters!

It’s been a full, but tiring day of yoga, but a much better way to spend a wet bank holiday than at home, bored. Train into London, then to Triyoga in Soho for the Mysore practice. First time in 4 years I have been to this studio. A nice, long , slow practice with Phillipa, a very non interventional teacher, I have to say, just the odd prod and push here and there. She stopped me to advise about my foot position in Mari D, first time anyone has commented on that, but new teachers spot new things. She saved her biggest surprise for Urdva Dhanurasana, encouraging me to place my hands far wider than I have ever done, which made keeping the elbows upright and parallel a bit difficult, but once I pushed up it did seem easier and the pose more stable. Think I need to experiment, but she could be on to something, I played around dropping back, but wasn’t actually dropped back, though to be honest I didn’t want to push it, knowing I had a 3 hour workshop a few hours later. Supta K was satisfying, Phillipa came along just to help my feet be over my head, but apart from that it was all my own doing. I finished off a long practice with some quite good handstands, before a long Savasana under a blue blanket. I needed the blanket  because the studio door had been intermittently opened and there was a bit of an annoying draught.

Afterwards AC and I checked out “Sacred” a nice pastry shop for a couple of hours, alas Susan was unable to join us thanks to the now normal abysmal train services in the capital. I have to say the Ginger cake was scrummy along with a pot of tea. And AC saved the best to last, having brought along some caramel easter eggs. That Caramel egg got me through the workshop!

Detox flow workshop – I had no idea what to expect, I had booked this knowing not much about Seane Corn, but was up for something different after 9 months of Primary series. We began by sitting and listening as she talked about all the things that stop us having optimal health, things we can influence and things we can’t, from the food we ingest, to polluting elements from our environment that enter our body’s without us knowing, to the negative influences some of our relationships can have on our body, not just personal relationships where we let things fester and don’t let go, but also others such as alcohol, caffeine, drugs, sugar etc. All have an impact on our body, mind and spirit. The sentence I remember most was “Its not what we eat that is the problem, its what’s eating us!”

The physical part of the workshop began gently with supine twists, but soon became more physically challenging as we went through sun salutations with additions and variations. All the physical practice was designed to decompress, compress and twist, to wring out the toxins from our body’s vital organs, Seane talked the whole way through, explaining that the toxins may bring feelings of nausea, or a weird taste and through the natural ways of sweating, urinating etc. I enjoyed some of the standing variations, UHP by grabbing the foot with the opposite hand and then twisting. I have to say I was glad when we got to the twists, because the backs of my legs were killing me by then, I enjoy twists, they are my favoutite thing along with Supta K! Seane talked about the food choices we make that influence our practice and well being, a lot of it did make sense, but as usual putting all of it into practice in a daily existence is something else.

After the physical practice Seane invited questions. I asked her about my food craving anomoly. The strange situation that when my practice is regular and strong, that I make better food choices, naturally going for more healthy options. But that even when practice is good and regular, that after practice I crave sugar to the point of eating sugar lumps swiped from Mcd’s on the way home. She suggested that practice, especially early in the morning when I havn’t eaten for 12-14 hours is physically depleting me, its taking me past the red zone and my body is craving an immediate hit to get it back in the green, her suggestion was to drink some orange juice before practice to give the body something to work with and not just let it demolish the little reserves left overnight. Well I’ll give it a try, I know eating sugar is not a good option.

I got more from the workshop than I expected. Its been a long day of yoga, but a lovely way to spend a day off doing something I enjoy.

Getting home was a pain, the workshop finished a little late, so I missed the fast train, caught the slow train 10 minutes later which then proceeded to break down halfway home. Home very late, very tired, but very happy to my shepherds pie, never mind what’s eating me, that will have to wait.

7 Responses to “It’s what’s eating you that matters!”

  1. gumbomum Says:

    I just finished the last of my Galaxy eggs. I’m sad.

    But — on the positive side, I now have an excuse to go out and buy some more Easter candy tomorrow — you know, for my *children* 😉

  2. globie Says:

    For the children, yeah right we believe you!

  3. AC Says:

    Hmm, I wish I could say a regular practice made me more inclined towards healthy food choices!

    I think cravings are fine, it’s whether we can resist is the question.

    Of course I won’t be eating any Easter eggs of any sorts.

  4. globie Says:

    Ha ha, so have the shops in Clapham run out of chokky eggs then??

    That’s exactly what she talked about, how we deal with our relationships with our supposed wants.

  5. AC Says:

    Choc eggs are aplenty here.

  6. Alfia Says:

    Thank you for posting this, Kevin. I learned a lot! 🙂

  7. globie Says:

    Glad it was useful. I needed to write it, so I remembered it

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