GR8 to be back at YP

With AYL closed this weekend and the Central Line actually working it was a no brainer to get up and catch the bus into the city this morning and return to YP and practice with Cary. It felt like being home, in my corner with room to move, next to K and Susan. And what a good practice it turned out to be, I had been worried that I may have developed some of those little habits in my practice over the last few months, but apart from having my waggling arm corrected in the Trikonasanas, standing was strong and good. Got adjusted in UHP, I think my hamstring is still stretched from Friday’s workshop, also think Cary was surprised at how much I was able to lengthen out, it felt good and not stressed.

I am beginning to feel comfortable in my practice lately, not dreading some of the poses to come and no longer trying to rush through those I don’t like, can’t do or find too hard. When I eventually found Ujayi last year, Cary told me my practice would take longer, she was right, it’s because I am now able to breathe into those poses I find more challenging. Triang Mukha today is one I used to dread, but today I bound my hand beyond my foot and when Cary came along and took my hand lower down my foot, I didnt tense up, but was able to go with it and breathe 5 more times and appreciate how much this helped the following Janusirsasanas, though I fear “C” will forever be out of my reach. Practice is no longer measured by Mari D, I can now almost always do it on the first side, though my right knee stops it being possible on the second. But I no longer spend time annoying my knee into submission, I just modify, twist, enjoy and move on. Though it doesnt stop me wishing my right knee would come back to the party sometime soon.

Supt K still rocks, I even almost managed to lift with my feet still behind my head 🙂  I will forever be in Cary’s debt for her teaching me to do this, or at least giving me the tools to make it possible on my own and the sense of joy and satisfaction I get from binding myself up. She’s working on my bum balances, I managed to come up and over in Ubhaya and balance. Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana is however a work very much still in the design! Ubhaya is possible for me because I can grip on the big toes to help me up, but I can’t seem to keep my hands attached to my feet in UMP as I attempt to come up, she tells me I need more energy, belief and oooomph!

Phillipa’s suggestion on Friday to widen my hands for Urdva Dhanurasana has almost seemed like an epiphany moment with this posture, I managed to do 4 straight off without the need for the up and down warm up ones and I had the control and strength when Cary got me to walk my hands in, “more, a little more……” UD was followed by a wonderful but challenging sequence of assisted dropbacks, 3 x down and up, then 3 x halfway with crossed arms, then another down, walk the hands in and come back up. Even though I am nowhere near able to do this on my own yet, I am far more relaxed when being assisted and am better able to be conscious of what I am doing and doing them at the same time (its not true men can’t multitask!), engaging the legs, bending the knees, pushing the chest up, a few weeks ago I could only mindfully do one of these while trying not to have a dizzy spell. Its been nearly 4 months since I have had the joy of practice with Cary, my practice has moved on, I know she could see it, as I came up from the last dropback she had that big grin on her face.

If only practice could always feel this good, complete and satisfying, not o mention the vibe at the shala enhanced at the end by the gurgling of baby Oscar, his grin’s as big as his Mom’s.

I tried Seane Corn’s suggestion today of having some orange juice before practice. Well I don’t know if the orange juice was responsible or whether it was my mind and the placebo effect, but after a long, strong 2 hour practice I didn’t feel nearly as wiped out as I can be and I got home without having the urge to rip the tops off sugar sachets!


6 Responses to “GR8 to be back at YP”

  1. AC Says:

    Yep, definitely felt like rtn’ing home after a long absence.

    Always a joy to be at YP.

  2. ahu Says:

    ohh so wonderful… Cary was one of my first Mysore teachers… she is a wonderful teacher!

  3. Alin Says:

    Aww, what a wonderful recap! So glad you got back to YP this century. The progress in your practice is a joy to read.

    Kino next weekend? So excited for you!

  4. globie Says:

    ahu, there is no doubt Cary is one of those special, truly gifted teachers.

    It takes going back “home” to YP and doing practice with Cary to appreciate how far things have moved along in my practice.

    Kino next weekend, not just me who is excited. Though I just had to book a bed at the YHA for Saturday, as the trains are on strike AGAIN next Sunday. I am not missing any of that workshop, its been a long time coming.

  5. Alfia Says:

    How long before practice you had your orange juice? I wonder if it leaves acidic feeling in the stomach during the practice?

  6. globie Says:

    Hi Alfia,
    I had the juice about an hour before practice. I think it does need to be that long or longer so as you say you don’t get the acidity discomfort in practice.

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