To Navasana with Kino

I thought about getting up and going to YP again this morning, but much as I love my practice, I don’t love the slog into and across London, I end up spending more time commuting than vinyasaing and its the travelling that tires me out more than Cary encouraging me through practice.

After such a good practice yesterday anything I did today would be a disappointment, so I decided to let Kino’s DVD take me through to Navasana and then do some backbends. The DVD’s pace, especially during standing is quite fast, which is good, you have to concentrate and be present in the practice. Seated is harder, I need to coerce bits of my anatomy into place, so I have to keep hitting the pause button until I’m ready to carry on.

I think Philippa really did give me an epiphany moment on Friday with her suggestion to widen my hands for pushing up into Urdva Dhanurasana. It felt strange and awkward on Friday, but the more I play around, even on a day like today where I’m not “Shala warm”, the better and more stable backbend feels.

I have actually been productive today, I finally burned a backup of my photos from India, formatted the card in my camera, wrote the report of the last travel club meeting, blogged and caught up with e-mail.

A 4 day week, then its Kino time, I have looked forward to this workshop for so long. I am now spending all weekend in London as the RMT tossers are going on strike again on Sunday,  to ensure I get to Kino’s mysore practice on time and unstressed I booked a bed at the YHA, roll on Friday.


20 Responses to “To Navasana with Kino”

  1. grimmly Says:

    Really annoyed I missed out on the Kino workshop, tell us everything. Her DVD really grows on you.

  2. Alin Says:

    I saw your title and was like “already!? Cool!!!”

    You got me. 🙂

    That is great about your hand placement in UD. Breakthroughs are so few and far between!

  3. globie Says:

    Ha ha Alin, nope its this coming weekend.
    The UD hand thing was quite unexpected, makes me wonder why somebody hasnt mentioned it before.

    Hi Grimmly, I like Kino’s Primary DVD now. Will let you know how it goes.Did you ask to go on the waiting list?

  4. grimmly Says:

    NO!!!! There was a waiting list? I missed that. Probably best though, I had a friend at work pass away suddenly a couple of weeks ago. This Sunday my shop is having a big memorial thing for him so I wouldn’t have been able to make it anyway. Shame they didn’t allow you to book individual days like when Mathew came (which I also missed).

  5. globie Says:

    Triyoga usually have a wait list, you just e-mail and ask to go on it. That’s how I got on Seane Corn’s workshop last Friday, they phoned me a few days before and told me there was a space.

    Think matthew is at YP on Whitsun weekend.

  6. Wayne Says:

    “I need to coerce bits of my anatomy into place, so I have to keep hitting the pause button until I’m ready to carry on.” – funny there, me too – keep wanting to say, “hang on, just a sec…”

    Enjoy Kino’s workshop, she is a jewel and a lot of fun.

  7. globie Says:

    Wayne, did you practice with Kino?

    My knees are not cooperative, especially not at that speed! Despite 44 years abuse, everything else seems to still be attached and working!

  8. susananda Says:

    Can’t wait for Kino!

    Grimmly, sign up for MS at YP!!

  9. grimmly Says:

    Trying to find where you made mention of The Life center. was it my blog, yours, Susan’s? Never mind. Given that I arrive at Paddington it probably makes sense. 8.15 start is a bonus. I might even be able to get back before M. wakes up. Can you tell me any more about it? Is it busy on Sundays? Is it a big space, is it hot…I mean really hot etc? Is Michaela home practice friendly?

  10. Wayne Says:

    I’ve done a couple of workshops with her and really enjoyed them!

  11. susananda Says:

    NO! You’re stealing Grimmly and he hasn’t even been to YP yet!!

  12. globie Says:

    Am sure Grimmly will be a YP convert when the sodding C-Line ever works on a regular basis!

    I had such a good practice at YP last Sunday, made me realise how much I have missed going there.

  13. AC Says:

    Hmm, what to do? I’m sure Grimmly won’t like to be split in 2?

    Mind you, to avoid all conflict maybe Grimmly would like to come to shala I attend? 🙂

  14. grimmly Says:

    Oops….just checking options Susan, of course I want to come and practice at your gaff. Anyway Circle line is probably just as bad as the central on Sunday. AC where do you practice? Link to your blog isn’t showing up.
    So Kino was at Hamish’s place yesterday….do you think she’s doing a tour of the London Shalas or just practicing there? Kind of imagine everyone looking around the rooms this morning.

  15. AC Says:

    On Sat. it’ll be with Gingi Lee at the shala in SW Ldn so it may be a bit of a bummer to get to!

    However, I second YP with Cary if you can get there, useless Central Line. If Kino is at TY tomorrow I’ll let you know.

  16. grimmly Says:

    Ahhh is this the beautiful looking Shala that Susan mentioned last week? I should move to London. I wont make it this Sunday as I have this big Memorial thing at work for my boss who passed suddenly a couple of weeks ago. BUT, next Sunday I’m planning on trying to get to YP. Have been following along with the Sharath DVD all week to tidy up my count and the worst of my bad habits. Am looking forward to it.

  17. AC Says:

    Although our shala with Gingi is very nice it is not as covetous as the Globe Hse shala which Susan mentioned last wk.

    I think there’s going to be a ‘gathering’ on Sun. 26 as I intend to be at YP too, in theory C-Line should be working.

    We’re definitely spoilt for great teachers and shalas in London, wouldn’t move anywhere else.

  18. globie Says:

    That C-Line, not to mention the striking RMT idiots had better perform on that Sunday, YP here we come

  19. susananda Says:

    Really, it’s on that weekend? Cool! See y’all then.

  20. Alfia Says:

    I found the bit about bits of the anatomy very funny, too. Have the same problem. 😀

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