Pre Moon Primary

I can’t believe it’s a week since I was looking forward to the workshop. Managed another full Primary last night, though began running out of energy with the jump backs half way through seated, my right wrist started to object. I have not managed to make the end of my mat come into view since last Sunday with my drop back experiments either, which is a bit annoying.

My tooth has finally settled down, so after practice I broke into the bar of Easter chocolate that’s been on the table for a few weeks, a Moon day eve treat. I ate half of it, though now its open the other half probably wont last until the next Moon day!

Happy Moon day everyone


2 Responses to “Pre Moon Primary”

  1. Putmoo Says:

    David Swenson blamed that stuff on the yoga faeries scattering concrete dust on us when we sleep just to mess with us. My right wrist really hurt yesterday too. I had to do Cobra instead of Upward Dog. So it goes. Next week, it will be something else. Have a nice weekend.

  2. globie Says:

    My wrist is usually ok in Up/Down dogs, it doesnt seem to like supporting me when its more dynamic, like jumping back and after a lot of practice it just objects and I know to stop.

    Hopefully it will be ok by Sunday, back to YP with Cary, can’t wait.

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