I found out why my wrist was objecting quite so much on Sunday during the vinyasas, when last night I found a splinter of wood  sticking out, it had gone in horizontally, which is why it took so long for me to notice it. Once removed yoga became much more doable.

A very slow practice last night, I still felt tight from Sunday’s very intense shala practice with Cary. In 90 minutes I only managed to do standing and seated. I had done a few backbends earlier in the evening, so almost a full practice, when all added up. Really just a case of trying to keep things open and stop things seizing up on a cold evening.

I wish I could be as decisive as one ex teacher of mine, he has decided to go off around Europe with his family in a combi van for a few months. I have ideas and things I would maybe like to do, but being a typical Virgo I spend too long weighing up the pro’s and con’s and being put off by my commitments and attachments. When I think about going somewhere, after looking at flights and hotels, I then always try to find out if there is a shala somewhere to practice, I am so attached to my practice, that I can’t bare not to have it for  a couple of weeks. Yes I know I can in theory practice in my hotel room, but it’s not the same and half the time the rooms are so bloody small, I couldn’t jump back without crashing into something. I am still so tempted to go to Brisbane and down to Byron for a few days, but my indecision seems to be fatal, as malaysian Air seem to have sold out of the cheap flights they had last week. I wish I could be spontaneous, just go for it and see what happens, but its not in my nature.


One Response to “Splinter”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Yowch! Glad you found it and are doing better!

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