Shoulder blade

I was looking forward to practice last night, having had Tuesday off.  My left shoulder was achy in the Surya’s, but nothing to worry about. But when I started doing seated as soon as I did the first vinyasa I had a very painful muscle spasm below my left shoulder blade. I carried on up to Janusirsasana A, when I reached forward and pain shot through I decided to call it a day. Its bloody annoying, it feels like one of those intercostal things again.

So then spent 20 minutes with the backknobber implement, before slathering it in Tiger balm. This morning its still very uncomfortable, I don’t know if to practice tonight and try and keep it moving or to just have another night off. I want to practice at the weekend, but don’t want to slog into London, do a couple of Surya’s and have to stop.

Talking of getting into the city this weekend, on Sunday we are lumbered with replacement buses in both directions, however the morons who run the RMT union have called their train Guards out on strike yet again, are they thick or what!


5 Responses to “Shoulder blade”

  1. Putmoo Says:

    It appears that this is the pain phase. I’ve been having lots a pains here and there and I’m just getting tired of it. I wasn’t able to find a splinter in my wrist but that one seems to be leaving the same way it arrived – without warning. But others are coming too. Be careful! These are the times that we need to remember that the hardest posture to modify in our practice is the ego! Take care of yourself and it will come back around.

  2. globie Says:

    I think its from jumping back through my legs, that we learned to do at the workshop. Its like when I learned to jump through forwards and was actually using my shoulders as a pendulum too much. The pain was most acute when I lowered down into Chaturanga, the action of the shoulder going from a straight arm to bent at the ground was not nice.

    It was annoying when I was doing the Surya’s but I thought as I warmed up I would be ok, but when i got to seated it just hurt too much to be sensible to carry on

  3. susananda Says:

    What a bummer 😦

    At least you have a clue as to the cause, maybe this is a good opportunity to refine your technique in chaturanga, make sure hands are back by the waist, forearms vertical, shoulders and head lifted. I mean, it’s better than a fractured foot or something, right? It has meaning.

    Cary once said (when her toe was broken) that injuries are good, they keep you humble. Man, did I learn that with the wrist thing. The lesson is still with me as I’m aware that it (or something else) could ‘go’ again at any time, then suddenly I’m no longer ‘someone who goes up to durvasasana’ – what Putmoo said about the ego. And I’m grateful every day for whatever I can do.

    Hope it’s better for Sunday / Monday.

  4. Maria Says:

    iIfollow your blog a good bit, and enjoy it
    I’d similar problems with my shoulder a while back… i got some physio, and continued to pracise but i had to practically re-learn the surya’s.. I’d gotten a bit lazy in them. I’m not saying you have but really focusing on the lower abdomen, pelvic core region, and drawing back the shoulders in chaturanga-updog movement combined with a couple of weeks of the physio excercises helped a lot. I got one of those dyna-band thingys and had a series of excercises to do with it which really helped.
    Try doing vinyasas/surya’s really slowly really watching the alignment and see how it goes….. re the tiger balm, its great, but if your muscle is still inflamed, maybe you should be applying ice, or cold, NOT heat, after a few days when the inflamation recedes, then apply the heat

  5. globie Says:

    Hi Susan, my hands probably are too far forward in Chaturanga, will try again tonight and see what difference it makes. I suppose it comes down to practising at home all the time, a teacher would probably have stopped a bad habit like that if i could shala practice more often. Though I think the new jumping through I learned is what has annoyed it. Certainly better than a fractured foot.

    That’s an interesting comment about injuries keeping practice humble, just when i thought things were progressing after Seane Corn and Kino, suddenly I am set back again. I really hope I can practice at the weekend.

    Hi Maria, thanks for reading and commenting. It’s not as bad as last time I had this kind of problem, when the therapist had to pop something back in, when sneezing was too painful to allow. Good thought about maybe using ice instead of heat, I never know which is right to use. It has eased a little with not practising, so hopefully

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