Conspiring filing cabinet gods!

Not only is my shoulder still being a pain, this afternoon I ended up getting what can only be described as an industrial injury, when the filing cupboard decided to tip over. This cabinet stands around 5ft high and 3ft wide and is bloody heavy, as I pulled the top drawer open the whole thing started coming towards me, I realised I couldn’t push it back so tried to yell to my colleague and at the same time get out of the way, ending up with my left thigh trapped between the cabinet and his desk, I managed to pull myself out after a few seconds, but my thigh is now heavily bruised and sore. I filled in the accident book and we took some photos, I wont post them in case this goes further. Any yogi no win no fee lawyers out there!

Talk about things conspiring against my practice. When I got home, I decided to do some kind of practice, so proceeded to do standing, though without any Surya warm ups. I then did seated up to Marichyasana B, though again without any vinyasas. My shoulder is not happy at all. It certainly made me more conscious of trying to draw the shoulder blades down the back in forward bends as opposed to what usually happens, which is pulling forward with the arms.

From looking forward to a weekend of getting at least one shala practice if not 2, things look very much up in the air. I will have to re-asses tomorrow, seeing if I can stand/walk and if I can walk whether my shoulder will carry the shopping home, who would have thought buying the groceries would be a fitness test for yoga. Its going to be 3 tedious days at home otherwise, annoying both shoulders by playing on the internet, though am being tempted again by those flights downunder.


5 Responses to “Conspiring filing cabinet gods!”

  1. grimmly Says:

    So true, everything we do to ourselves we end up thinking how it will impact on the Yoga. Tweaked my wrist today taking a Bassoon apart, first thought was hope i can still jump back. Hope all feels well again soon and that you find a good lawyer.

  2. globie Says:

    Yoga impacts everything it seems, from when and what we eat, to when we sleep. My first thoughts after “shit this hurts”, were I’m not going to be able to practice. I don’t mind yoga inflicted injuries so much, but being attacked by a bloody filing cabinet is ridiculous.

  3. Putmoo Says:

    Sorry to hear about that. It is a bit scary how we all see it in terms of our practice, but that’s the way it is. I asked Joey this morning how he thought I could better cope with so many things hurting. His reply was doing restoratives if that’s what you really need. Remember, as long as you’re breathing, you’re doing yoga. I’ll be doing some gimp yoga too even though I didn’t get attacked by a filing cabinet. Take care and let yourself heal. If you don’t, your body will find another way to force you to do so. I think it’s trying to tell us that already…..

  4. Alfia Says:

    Oh, Kevin, so sorry you got hurt! Like we do not do a good job hurting ourselves, we do not need cabinet attacks! I hope there was no lasting injury and you are feeling much better already.

  5. globie Says:

    Thanks Alfia,

    Am getting better, its still sore, but not as colourful.

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