Its still sore

I managed to get to the town and back on my bruised thigh. Bought a ticket for tomorrow, depending what time I get into the city will decide where I end up doing practice, though AYL seems most likely.

Once home I did a very slow practice, starting with 4 x Surya A’s and 1 x B, my shoulder is not quite so bad, provided I don’t try and pull on my arms, as in Padahastasana, but it soon reminds me if I do. I seem ok in the standing poses and I think they wil be better when done in a warm shala room.

Seated are another matter, I only did a vinyasa between sets of poses, like after the Janu’s and Mari’s etc and only stepping forward and back, very gingerly lowering myself into Chaturanga. The thigh is ok in forward bends, the problem is when I draw the foot in for poses like Janusirsasana, I have to let it settle until it becomes bearable. The other problem with it is in Lotus poses, as its my right knee that doesn’t get as high as it needs to be, it usually ends up on the thigh, that hurts! Seated was then interupted by the doorbell, bloody Jehova’s witnesses would you believe!

I did do my first Urdva Dhanurasana in 3 days today, surprisingly my shoulder problem is not agitated by this lift. Tried a few dropback experiments, but to be honest, despite practising for over 90 minutes by this point, I still wasn’t very warm. I need some shala heat.

I just have to remember to be sensible tomorrow and not get over confident in the warm shala conditions and aggravate my shoulder or hip. Keep an eye on me V 🙂


4 Responses to “Its still sore”

  1. Putmoo Says:

    Glad to hear you were able to make it work. You know what? I’m so tired of pain right now. But you’re right, the heat does make it feel better. And I’m glad to hear that the backbends are still working. SMall miracles, I guess. I didn’t know there were Jehova’s witnesses lurking around your neighborhood. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. globie Says:

    Heat just makes everything feel looser and more comfortable. I am fed up of these niggling injuries, its been one thing after another the last few months what with the lurgy, Toothache, shoulder probs and now my thigh. I dont know why UD works and doesnt annoy my shoulder.

    I live in a cul-de-sac, you can almost time how long it takes the JW’s to be booted around the circle and spat out back onto the main road!

  3. V Says:

    Good luck! I’m still hanging out at home – didn’t fancy setting my alarm in, but I’m aiming for 8:30 at the shala.

  4. globie Says:

    Surprisingly enjoyable practice.

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