Holiday Monday

I ended up having a productive day, mainly because it was so cold and miserable outside, I stayed in. This afternoon I practised up to Janusirsasana in my chilly upstairs, I think it was a good decision not to slog into London and do another full practice at the shala with my shoulder still recovering and my thigh still black and blue from Fridays accident. The bruising feels quite deep still. Not sure what else I can do to help, I have tried ice, have tried rest, have tried massaging it. I think it had a good stretching in the warm shala yesterday. The shoulder is back to niggling, even when I am ultra attentive in Chaturanga, it would not have survived a whole practice with all those vinyasas. We seem to be back to every other day mode.

I finally made a decision, (No I don’t believe it either), after 3 days procrastinating about going to Byron Bay in September, on Friday the flights were available, then I phoned yesterday and they were gone, well one’s I could afford at least had. Then surfing this morning I found the cheap one again, only for it to keep timing out, I phoned an agent who said they had gone again, and was offered one £200 higher. I thought I had dilly dallied too long again, then I decided to ring the airline and what do you know, they said the agent was wrong and that the cheap fare was still available, so I at last let my heart rule and gave over the credit card details. I plan to chill in the aussie sunshine and with luck practice at D’s shala for a week, wont that be great. Brisbane first for a few days, anyone know a good shala there? To be honest I have booked the flight without really knowing what I was going to do when I get there. Noosa would be nice, but its going north instead of south. I have time to plan, let the countdown begin.


6 Responses to “Holiday Monday”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Congrats – sounds like some much needed yoga and fun for you!

  2. Globie Says:

    Thanks Wayne, it had to be done, I’ll need the break by then.

  3. Alin Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the freak filing cabinet injury! Man does that sound like it hurts. And it probably will for awhile. Damn.

    Your Aussie break sounds incredible. Have you ever been? That would be such a dream trip, but it’s so far to fly!!!

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Alin,
    Yes getting my thigh trapped between a falling filing cabinet and a desk is not something I intend to repeat. The bruising is quite deep, I still have a bit of a “dead leg”, its going to take a while.

    I have been to OZ a few times, but not since 2001. I usually break up the journey in Asia, but don’t have time this time, so am going to endure 26 hours each way, plus a few hours changing planes in KL.

  5. Putmoo Says:

    How exciting! Good for you. Now you have something to look forward too. It sounds like a nice yoga geek break.

    I’ve been taking a break so we’ll see what tomorrow morning brings back on the mat. My right knee feels like it totally wants to check out. Keep moving your leg, it will be getting to the point where it is ready to start healing and the circulation will do it some good.

  6. Globie Says:

    Byron is a lovely spot, but being able to practice at Dena’s will be brilliant, then enjoy the area as well.

    Dr said its badly bruised (Company got worried and asked me to go and see them!). It is easing, but doesnt like going from bent to straight and vice versa.

    Its a bitty yoga week, football tonight, tomorrow night is my friends book launch party in London. But at least its the weekend of double yoga, Saturday and Sunday.

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