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I have to say Karen’s new sketches/paintings of London are quite wonderful, the one above is of Paternoster Square near St Paul’s, (Putmoo we walked through there the other week). The only slight hitch with the book launch was that the publishers ,Methuen, had not got the book printed in time, which was a real shame. But having seen the sketches it will be worth the wait, my name is on the lsit for a signed copy. The exhibition is on for another couple of weeks, so if any of you city folk want somewhere to go at lunchtime or after work, please do head to the Barbican Library, 2nd floor, Silk St, Barbican London, you wont be disappointed. Karens website is here.

So after the non book launch I had time for something else, so headed east to YP to do practice with Susan, who was covering Ben’s class. A led Primary up to Navasana, then closing. A nice class, just what I needed, I think the Chaturanga demo was aimed at me 🙂 A nice bit of assisatnce in the first Urdva Dhanurasana, main problem was using a borrowed mat as my feet kept sliding, 2nd and 3rd UD’s were better. Rest of closing Sirsasana, I added in an Ardha Sirsasana of my own, hope you didnt mind Susan!

A late night getting home to the sticks, but great to have some fun during the week.


6 Responses to “Art & Bonus Yoga”

  1. Alin Says:

    Damn, that’s one hell of an error on the publishers part! Like a trunk show with no clothes, a tasting with no wine, a concert with no band. It’s still fun to hang out with the grownups though.

    Led half-primary with Susan. Wow, I bet that was fun! A nice change of pace from your regular practice. You don’t do led much, huh? It is sooooo hard to stay with Teach. I don’t know how Susan is, but mine don’t eff around. You STAY with him or else!

  2. Globie Says:

    Hi Alin, yes its rare for me to do a led class, but as I was in London anyway and I have done a few Mysore classes with Susan(anda) when she stood in for Cary last summer, I thought I would just go along and let someone tell me what to do. It was a nice practice. Old habits die hard though, I found myself getting into the next pose after the vinyasa before she called it.

    Susan’s great,as are all the teachers I seem to practice with, so long as you practice, that’s all that counts, they all seem to find something to help me with. It’ll be Michaela on Saturday and Louise on Sunday.

  3. susananda Says:

    Hey.. the chaturanga demo was aimed at everyone!

    I felt kind of bad for you because it wasn’t a proper counted class for mysore people, there’s more talking required and explaining, but it’s cool for you to go straight into the pose the way you’re supposed to! I like everyone to stay together for the vinyasa, though it builds energy. And anyone who can do ardha sirsasana should definitely be doing it at that time!

    It was quite lame of me not to get you in to mari D, sorry about that, but then none of the others can really approach the pose so I didn’t want to spend too long there.

    Cary whipped us through primary this morning, we’re doing the vinyasa on less breaths and the count is very strict, I guess in preparation for the world tour (hopefully that’ll still happen).

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Susan,

    I was surprised at how quick the time went. It’s good to hear the explanations occassionally, the reminders are good. Its hard for a teacher to take in such a range of abilities.

    I had to try hard with the chant, I almost automatically joined in with you instead of waiting for call and response. Cary’s programming obviously works!

    Mari D was more about my slippery leg, than you not getting me joined up. It just felt right to do Ardha Sirsasana, and I should be doing it.

    So how long does Cary take to get you through lead primary?

  5. susananda Says:

    An hour and a half including savasana, but the vinyasa has become even snappier – inhale look up, exhale jump back, inhale updog, exhale downdog + jump thru, inhale look up, exhale into the pose. WHOOSH!

  6. globie Says:

    WHOOSH sounds right, that is very fast including Savasana.

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