Inhibiting handstands

Practiced at TLC this morning, First time I have done a whole practice since last Sunday because of my shoulder and hip angst. Took it really slowly to start, mindfully doing Chaturanga, elbows in, engaging the stomach. Doing standing is not a problem, as the shoulders don’t do much, but bending is still a problem. Seated of course are something else with all thos vinyasas. Despite the shoulder and last nights stiff back, Urdva Dhanurasana was ok, adjusted in one, then able to walk in on number 4. Experimented dropbacks, then Michaela gave me 3 real ones to the floor and up, though not as much bend in the upper chest as can be. She said that this may be down to doing the handstands, as I get better at handstands I am building muscle etc around the shoulders, which is stopping my shoulders and upper back opening and is stopping the rotation needed to land a dropback. I will give up handstands for a couple of weeks to see if it helps, it should also help my painful shoulder with luck.

After practice with my shoulder aching and my lower back still complaining I had 20 minutes at the Walk-In Backrub place in Neals Yard, the therapist said she could feel a strip of tension down my shoulder blade, which she did her best to alleviate.

AYL in the morning, we will see if she did a good job.


4 Responses to “Inhibiting handstands”

  1. Putmoo Says:

    What would happen if you pushed your shoulders forward in handstand? I haven’t seen you in one so I don’t know if you’re already doing it. But it might help get the shoulders more open. I don’t know, if it would – just a thought.

  2. globie Says:

    We talked about the dynamics of handstands, I rarely straighten my legs, I just bunny hop to a hovvering kind of balance. Michaela said just doing them consistently builds muscle and stops the rotation in the shoulders.

  3. susananda Says:

    No! I refuse to believe it!!

    Seriously. I need my shoulder rotation.

  4. globie Says:

    The last month or so as have managed more hovver time in handstand, I have noticed its been harder to bind my hands in Supta K, so wonder if my shoulders have gained a little.

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