Dipping in to 2nd

I went for shoulder preservation last night, so after doing standing and some seated forward bends up to Janu A, with just the odd vinyasa, I decided to do the backbend sequence we did with Kino, the lunging, kneeling backbends and thigh stretches before dipping into Pasasana, Salabhasana, Ustrasana etc, tho I forgot Krounchasana! My Urdva Dhanurasanas were not bad for a cold night at home, followed by some dropback experiments.

My shoulder is a lot better, but it still occassionally catches me out and makes me wince as I lower down into Chaturanga during vinyasas and Surya’s. The lunging hip stretches are good for my injured left hip, well I hope the adage no pain no gain is true!


One Response to “Dipping in to 2nd”

  1. Putmoo Says:

    That sequence she had us do is just brilliant! I did some of it thins morning when I felt like my hips did not want to do the backward thing and they woke right up. The tough part is getting to them or rather finding the time to get to them ;).

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