Up to Uthplutihi

Practice is feeling better, my thigh is aching less, but my shoulder is still being a nuisance. I ought to be able to fit in a rest day, but when I’m into my practice I tend to just get on my mat every day, regardless.

I always leave work tired from sitting in my chair looking at that screen, my legs are tight, my shoulders are slumped and my back aches, thats on top of all the mental shit that place gives me. I can’t wait to escape and feel the freedom of movement in my body and mind that I get from yoga. So this evening, even though it was chilly I ploughed through and did a full Primary, it just felt good to stretch regardless of the fact that I couldn’t bind Mari D or that my dropback attempts were rubbish. Though pleasure was replaced by pain in Uthplutihi as my shoulder decided it had had enough. At least it waited until the end I suppose.

I had been planning to watch the next series of Spooks that I ordered from Amazon. Alas when it arrived the re-seller had mixed up jiffy bags and sent me series 1, which I have already seen, instead of my series 2. The other person has not complained, so I am left to return my dvd’s for refund and be Spookless.


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