In the wrong job

Alas massage therapist Cristina has had no cancellations, so my shoulder will remain uncomfortable and untreated. I called the other local one who undid my QL a while back, but she is not working just now, because she has hurt her shoulder! She gave me the phone number of another one, but when I phoned her, she is booked solid for the next 3 weeks with her own clients, plus the overflow from number 2. Massage seems to be the job for the recession, at least in these parts.

At this point I gave up and decided the only sensible thing to do would be to rest today, well except for a few seated forward bends to give my shoulder a break and to be honest its just too cold to practice at home tonight. So much for summer it feels more like November, but without the heating on.

I have practised the last 5 days, 4 full Primarys and a second series up to Laghu Vajrasana on Monday, so I’m probably due a rest.

Now I’m bored and probably doing my shouder no good at all playing on the internet!


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