A consistent week

This last last week has probably seen my most consistent practice this year. I have practised every day except Wednesday and done proper Primary for 6 of them with a dip into 2nd on Monday. Having 2 shala practices last weekend seemed to give me the momentum to carry on into the week. Hopefully keeping my bruised hip moving and stretched will keep things going in the right direction.

As usual on a Friday I was home early and straight onto my mat, with a big mug of tea to help me along. It felt good, binding all the Mari’s, except D on the second side, binding both ends of Supta K. Before closing I added in Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana before getting back with the Primary programme for Urdva Dhanurasana and a few drop back attempts and the rest. 2 hours seemed to pass so quickly in fact, that my pie, that I put in the oven after Supta Konasana was a tad crispy around the edges, time flies when you are having fun.

Probably no practice tomorrow, finally getting the massage my painful shoulder needs in the morning.

This evening I finally found the time to watch a film I bought months ago, makes such a change to have time, practice, food and a rest, after a semi productive day, when I think I have found a bed in Noosa and managed to finally track down a cheap set of Series 2 of Spooks.

Have a nice weekend people, see you at AYL on Sunday.


3 Responses to “A consistent week”

  1. susananda Says:

    How can you drink tea during practice?? Of course you could always brew up at YP and see what Cary says 😉

    Hope you are getting a good massage right now. I want one too!

  2. globie Says:

    Susan, the answer is “Easily”, I have a big thermal mug with a lid, which I slurp from when the fancy takes me! Don’t you think Cary would let me brew up at YP? After all she was the one who told me my splitting headaches were down to dehydration.

    Sports massage was good, he got well into the shoulder, had me doing Chaturangas to see how it felt.

  3. ahu Says:

    Maybe we meet at YP when I am in London, if you can come for shala practice. I will arrive to London on the night of 28th!

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