Soaked twice!

Two hours of practice at AYL left me saturated, shorts and tea shirt glued to me from a lovely hot, sweaty practice. I seemed to be mainly left to my own devices today, only a squish in downdog and some careful hip rotation in Parsvakonasana, that was it as I ploughed through standing. The balances were not that great, the extension wasn’t there, my left leg is still a bit spaghetti like and those yellow walls are a bit mesmerising.

Seated were not as open as they can be. I know this was due to my shoulder finally getting a specific sports massage treatment yesterday and resting afterwards, ie no practice. That said, the nice warm conditions did allow me to find those extra millimetres, that in a colder room would not have been there. I was surprised to find my prefered spot up in the corner next to the radiator was free when I got there at 7.45. Despite not managing to repeat last weeks trick of grabbing my toe on either side of Ardha Badha Padma, I did  manage to grab a wrist in Triang Mukha as well as Janu A & B beyond my feet. After finding my fingers on the second attempt at Marichyasana D on the first side, I decided to see if my right knee wanted to play on the second side, no pain, just a bit of discomfort as the right foot went to lotus, with a little bit of wriggling the right arm went round the knee and tantalisingly touched the fingers round the back, but not near enough to dock, just when you need a teacher to join the dots there isnt one around! Assistance did arrive as I was in Kurmasana, help taking me into Supta K, though the Titibhasana was pretty woeful, even by my low standards. There’s always next week, oh no its Moon day next Sunday , grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Louise did arrive in time for Baddha Konasana, helping my head to go beyond my feet again, that used to look and feel impossible, 18 months ago I could barely get my head anywhere near my feet, let alone past them, still a bit uncomfortable as she knelt on me. Coming up into Ubhya is getting nearer, though I still come up one-sided, I can at least come up keeping a hold of my toes. Alas I can barely move beyond a couple of inches when trying to come up and over into Urdva Mukha, I just can’t get the momentum to come up.

A good closing today, a few bridges and lifting holding the ankles, before 4 x Urdva Dhanurasana’s, followed by Louise taking me into dropbacks, her patience with me is great, she looks out for me and makes me take my time, down to the floor, walking in and coming back up. Her confidence gives me confidence, I don’t fear trying to do this at all now. Rest of closing in the “Finishing Room”, before peeling my t-shirt off and getting the train home to my second soaking of the day, a biblical rain deluge as I got off the train.

An annoying Moon day next Sunday, but at least the next Monday is a holiday, so providing the train turns up I should get to practice. The Sunday train strikes have been called off, the RMT Muppets finally realised they were having no effect. They are now going to strike on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, with a greater chance of causing some chaos for people who do actually want to work.


5 Responses to “Soaked twice!”

  1. V Says:

    Hi Globie,

    Hope you don’t mind I use your space to mention that Guruji passed away this morning (UK morning).


  2. globie Says:

    Hi V,

    That’s sad news.

    Thanks for letting me and anyone else reading know.

    How did you find out?

  3. V Says:

    My teacher.

  4. susananda Says:

    Yes, Sunday moon day and the central line is running for a change. What a waste!

  5. globie Says:

    Hi Susan,

    My feelings exactly. But at least Monday is bank holiday and AC reckons Cary is teaching, so I’ll be setting my alarm.

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