It’s been one of those weeks with practice, not helped by a dodgy stomach, I don’t think the IBS is back, its a sick feeling, more like a lurgy or something I have eaten, its made me feel tired without realising. Last night I had one of the crappiest practices at home in a long time, if I had been at a shala with the heat and energy I would probably have ploughed on through, but at home I was cold and not in the mood to practice, so only managed some standing poses and a few backbends, realising my heart and head wasn’t in it. I didn’t want to pull anything or annoy the thigh. It needs heat or ice or something!

Tonight after a long day at work, I got home and straight on my mat and had a much better practice, up to Supta Kurmasana and then backbends. I think my loose stomach has caused some weight loss, as for the first time in ages I managed to grab my wrist on the first side of Marichyasana A. My head was in it today as well, focus on the poses and after reading V’s blog this morning I tried to remember to keep my breath even.

At least I have 3 days off now, shame about it being a Moon day on Sunday, especially when we actually have trains and tubes this weekend, but Monday should be great, practice at YP followed by breakfast with AC and Susan.


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