Ridiculously slow practice

Somehow I managed to spend 2 hours and 20 minutes doing Primary this afternoon, if I was that slow at the shala everyone would have left and turned the lights out. There was no reason for it to take that long, apart from playing around in the Marichyasanas and doing my dropback experiments after Urdva Dhanurasana, everything was by the book. It wasn’t even a particularly great practice, my stomach is still getting over this lurgy or whatever it was. Practice usually leaves me on a high, but todays left me tired, it felt like a great effort for little reward, apart from the satisfaction of getting through it on a sunny afternoon when I could have just sat in the garden reading the paper.

I expect my body clock will still wake me up tomorrow, first Sunday Moon day of the year, I can turn over and have a lay in until the paper comes.

8 Responses to “Ridiculously slow practice”

  1. susananda Says:

    Hey. The body absorbs those shitty practices and the benefit comes later. Especially with a moon day to process it!

  2. susananda Says:

    If I were in a better mood I would have said ‘less than ideal’ practices 🙂

  3. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin, i do the same when doing practice at home. my problem is restroom breaks. i used to eat, wait two hours then practice. now i wake up, have tea and juice and practice. the liquids make me go to the restroom, hence the slowdown. but i feel i have to have something in the blood stream for energy.

    hey Kevin, by now i know where Dragonfly is located, but it was suggested i try golden resort massage and it’s quite nice, inexpensive and beautiful – quite therapeutic.

    I LOVE susananda. mua!


  4. globie Says:

    Hi Susan,

    Hopefully I will receive the fruits of my labours at the shala tomorrow and have a good one. Think your first description was right! Tho the asanas themselves were not that bad. I suppose I just have higher expectations nowadays.

    Hi Arturo, good to hear from you. I wish I could get up in time to practice in the mornings, except on shala days though, it just doesnt happen. I have found Seane Corn’s suggestion of having some orange juice before I practice quite helpful, gives me enough sugar to get me through and stops me being completely wiped and grabbing sugar lumps after practice.

    Glad to hear your found a good massage place in Shanghai.

  5. arturo Says:

    Hi Kevin
    oh, thanks for the beautiful Seane Corn’s suggestion. i think i will limit my food intake to just some orange juice.

    you may want to put the name Golden Resort Massage in your list of recommendations for your travel group. there are three locations in the city.


  6. ahu Says:

    uhh this morning’s practice was just like the one you describe… hoping that it will be easier tomorrow.

  7. arturo Says:

    ps, the orange juice suggestion worked for my practice this morning. thanks for the tip.

  8. globie Says:

    Hi Arturo, so glad it helped. I need to have it about an hour before I start to practice, so it can get into the system. Its certainly cut my sugar habit down.

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