Slow again, but focussed

Wasn’t it convenient to have a Bank holiday Monday the day after an inconvenient Sunday Moon day. We had trains and tubes, which only ran a little late, so I was at the Shala at 7.10am. Only AC and another there, my space in the corner was free and off I went. Up to 6 people by the time we chanted at 7.30, a small group which meant lots of attention from Cary today. Lots for her to pick on, starting with jumping back to Chaturanga in Surya’s, no plank first, jump straight to Chaturanga, though I still am very wary of my hip, the left leg is lacking control. Left alone until UHP, thankfully my hamstrings were more open today, she has gone from holding my foot virtually horizontally, to today when she was pushing it skywards, decreasing my forward bend, out to the side was the same and surprisingly the longer she held the more the hamstring opened and the leg lengthened, when she finally let go and my left foot returned to the floor, she said “Not bad”, high praise indeed! Virabadrasanas she had my knee going to a deeper bend and then arm straightening and shoulder lowering, though my shoulders have yet to get with the programme and my hip is not overly keen.

It must have been my day for the treatment, Dandasana, “straighten the arms, chin down, toes back“. They are little things, or so it seems to me, refinements. Then oh dear she spotted my cheating jump back, after I lift the legs and cross them, I thought I was protecting my shoulder and hip by then moving the hands forward and jumping back, this ain’t allowed, so now its cross shins, keep hands in place and try to get feet through hands before jumping, she tells me I will never get Bandha strength otherwise.

All the Marichyasana’s happened today, I was already in A, when she adjusted me, chin beyond the knee, B & C were ok and to my delight I managed to bind D in lotus on both sides on my own. Kurmasana I wasn’t allowed to hang out today, it was “feet wider, arms back, straighten legs, further, further“, before she pretzelled me into Supta Kurmasana without too much effort. Followed by a weary Titibhasana, which I didn’t get away with, more effort needed, but I am pretty knackered by this point! I love her Baddha Konasana adjustment, gradually putting on the pressure until my chin is on the floor, I have gone from hate to love of this posture and adjustment when its done by a teacher with a such a good feel for the body. The bum balances are very hit and miss, Ubhya I can come up and after a bit of a wobble find my balance, but Urdva Mukha I still just cannot find the momentum to come up, though once up I can start to work at straightening my legs.

Urdva Dhanurasana x4, last one walking in, then a few minutes of dropback experimentation before Eunice arrived (good to see her again), yes it was a long practice today with Eunice taking over at 9am and I am still on backbends! Dropbacks felt more bridge like then croquet hoop today, but just doing them must be good for something. Sirsasana was stable, that is until I went down to Ardha Sirsasana and tried to go back up, losing my balance and going over the top. I looked up to see Eunice smiling and asking if I was ok. Managed it on the second attempt.

By the time I had a Savasana it 9.20, so another long practice, though much more actual teaching than I have had in a while today, which probably extended it. Good though, I always come away from practice with Cary with lots of things to think about and work on, which I am writing this almost as soon as I got home while I can remember them!

After practice brekky with AC at Cafe Nero, our intended destination, the new Cafe opposite the shala was closed.

5 Responses to “Slow again, but focussed”

  1. susananda Says:

    I must be very focussed, and you must fall softly, because I was right beside you and didn’t even notice you go over the top!

    One day I’ll manage to come for breakfast with you two. I thought it was from 8-10, duh.

  2. globie Says:

    I have more control now, once I feel I have passed the point of no return, I have an element of control and don’t crash down like I used to, I more kind of roll out.

    Shame about breakfast, Nero’s pain au raisin was very tatsy 🙂

  3. Alfia Says:

    Sounds like a great practice, Kevin. I love getting lots of adjustments, which does not happen very often.

  4. globie Says:

    I have never known a teacher who has Cary’s attention to detail. No part of the body just gets to hang out in a posture.

  5. susananda Says:

    I love that about Cary! I’m the same, being pedantic and detail-oriented by nature 🙂 Learn a lot about teaching from her too.

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