Saturday R & R

A nice easy day I am glad to say, the next 2 weekends are busy, so this weekend is about resting and catching up with stuff. No lay in though this morning, I was in Alison’s chair at 8.30 as she cut my hair back to what she calls “wash & go” length. Alison is well suited to her job, she’s always happy and smiley and I do enjoy the Indian head massage when they wash it, worth going just for that 🙂

I got home and started  doing the standing poses, but just couldn’t find the energy, Samson syndrome I presume after the hairdresser! I did manage to practice for an hour this evening, a bit of a pick n mix practice, though I tried to do all the “major” ones, Marichyasanas, Supta K and backbends. I feel a need to practice and keep my body open, even when I should perhaps have a day off. Tomorrow its a stupid 6.30am bus into the city, it better turn up.


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