A long Sunday morning

Back to the bad old days with a replacement bus, driven by a clueless driver unable to follow his Sat-Nag, despite leaving home at 6am I didn’t get to AYL until 8.20am. And it was full, so started in the finishing room and was into my 3rd Surya A before Louise told me there was a space free in the big room. I was a bit sluggish and my mind was still in pissed off mode from the journey, so it took a while to get into my practice. Glad to say it was like an oven in there today, sweat poured from every nook and cranny, the heat was good for my practice.

It was a bit of a mental challenge to keep going in seated, but the heat certainly was helping to open me, being able to grab my wrists in Triang Mukha and the Janusirsasanas and second week running I bound all the Marichyasanas including D on my own. I just seemed to have more space and less discomfort, I think my hip is starting to get somewhere at last. In my slithery state Supta K was easy, except that my wrinkled up mat stopped me crossing my feet until Louise came along, good timing that girl. Talking of wrinkled mats I tried to do the manoevering the feet through the hands in the vinyasas, I notice its getting a little better, though whether some of them are strictly “legal” is open to debate, occassionally I managed to lift and shoot my legs back through without touching the floor, but my hands feel like they are in the wrong place for the Chaturanga. No help today in Baddha Konasana, but got a good way on my own, I extend instead of fold now, this pose is coming. Unlike Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana in which I still am unable to find any momentum to take me up and over at all. I am unable to keep hold of the feet or generate any movement, this feels like a no-hoper, though once up the actual bum balance is possible.

4 x Urdva Dhanurasana, then Louise took me through dropbacks, this week instead of going straight back, she had me keep my hands at the chest and try to hang before taking the hands over head and going for the floor, walk in, 5 breaths and then she almost does a rocking motion where I stand up on 3. It wiped me out, she gave me a wonderful squishing in the Paschimottanasana, didn’t feel hardly any stretch in the hamstrings as she used her weight to squash me flat, I could have just stayed there, even after she went to help someone else.

Rest of closing back in the finishing room, I experimented with a longer Sirsasana today. Savasana had to be shortened to 5 minutes, it was either that or wait nearly an hour for the next train. But at least I got to practice, I had that feeling of wellness as I walked down the road in the lovely sunshine. I may have been soaked in sweat and physically tired, but practice brings that joy that is so lacking most of the rest of the time.

No practice next Sunday, AYL have decided to join YP and move their Moon day to Sunday 7th, at least they now agree, which is a bit annoying as I wanted to practice both Saturday and Sunday next week, but I will just have to follow Louise’s advice and enjoy a nice lie in on Sunday morning!

ps when I got home I stood on the bathroom scales, despite drinking water at the shala before leaving and on the way home, I found I had managed to lose over 5Lbs in 2 hours of practice!


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