Another muggy Primary

This weather is certainly condusive to doing practice at home. When the body is warm and finds a degree of comfort in the postures, the whole thing just flows along. Standing seemed to go in a flash last night, I was doing Paschimottanasana before I thought about it. Again grabbed my wrists beyond my feet in Triang Mukha and the Janu’s, before managing all the Marichyasanas. The sticky heat helps the twists no end, especially if I take my time twisting before actually going for the bind.

The mat I use at home is not good in this weather, its gets slippery quite quickly, so my Urdva Dhanurasana’s were a bit of a trial as first my hands then my feet slipped out from under me.

At least I am having some consistent practice of late, my shoulder and knee are not being a problem and my hip is almost back to normal. I am having some success with my jumping back through my hands, though wonder on the ones where I manage it, if I am actually doing it right, I need Cary’s eagle eye, I don’t want to find a way of doing it, that is wrong and turns into a bad habit and pisses my shoulder off again.

I need my practice, the office is dire, us plebs are banned from taking time off in the first week of June, however it hasnt stopped the manager going sick. Am I being uncharitable, or am I right in thinking that if the weather had been cold,wet and miserable he would be in!


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