Where does it go?

Another one of “those” practices last night. It was going well up to Janusirsasana A, I had been trying to do the jump backs, I felt like things were opening, then suddenly it was like a veil of weight and tiredness enveloped me. I think a lot of it is mental, ie practising at home, thoughts swirling around my head, drishte is lost and practice goes downhill. I ploughed on to Kurmasana, before an abysmal Urdva Dhanurasana, where I lifted, but my back had zero bend, it actually hurt.

My practice has become very erratic, from getting a good focussed shala practice that has energy to the last 2 nights where it just doesnt happen, or not in a way that I want or satisfies me at least. Practice at TLC in the morning, I hope for something better.


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