I forgot Triang Mukha!

I have never seen so many people in the “Loft” at TLC on a Saturday, barely a space 10 minutes before the scheduled 8.15am start time. I felt a bit heavy and lifeless to begin with, standing seemed hard work, UHP was abysmal on the first side and took 2 goes on the second side.

Seated seemed better, especially after a good squishing from Michaela in Paschimottanasana. I was even managing to jump back through my hands, keeping the hands in place, though the left one just insists on lifting by itself. Binding beyond my feet in the Janu’s was harder than of late, as I did “B” I realised I had forgotten Triang Mukha, don’t know what happened there, especially as I have been using Triang Mukha to try and stretch the bruised hip/thigh! I thought my knee wasn’t coming out to play, but after a stiff Mari B, C was ok and after a bit of wriggling I bound both sides of Marichyasana D on my own again. Supta Kurmasana was relatively easy, though I want to find a way of elevating my feet so that I can flatten my chest more, my crossed feet are in the way now I can bind them. Nice adjustment in Baddha Konasana, Michaela got my head to the floor. Crap bum balances, but I never have expectations with those, I am still no nearer finding a way of getting the momentum to come up and over in Urdva Mukha.

At least Urdva Dhanurasana was not bad, followed by some dropback experiments before Michaela came along to ask if I wanted some help finding the floor, I replied “Yes please, as I am never going to get there on my own at this rate!“, after which she had me do 5 assisted dropbacks.

So practice was nice, I also get a non clock watching Savasana on a Saturday. I wandered back to the tube via the Farmers market, where I found a wheat free Eccles cake for breakfast!

The travel club Committee liked my idea of having some magnetic bookmarks made with the club logo on for the members, so that will be next weeks project. Yet again we had around 100 people show up to hear talks on Cattle droving in Madagascar and going round the world carbon neutral, without a plane, using trains, buses and cargo ships instead.

So its Sunday morning I woke as usual in time to catch the train, but its Moon day, so I turned over and was woken 2 hours later by a thunder storm.

Happy Moon day


3 Responses to “I forgot Triang Mukha!”

  1. Fatou Says:

    I came across your blog recently from Grimmly’s. I like the way you describe your practice, and am impressed with you patience regarding what you can achieve with your body on a given day.
    Reading today’s post made me realise it was a moon day and I practiced today (thought it was moon day yesterday and did nothing yesterday). Well, what’s done is done.

    About going round the world carbon neutral , I think trains, buses and cargo ships also produce CO2 emissions, just less shockingly than planes.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Fatou,

    Thanks for the nice comments. I learned that every day the body is different, I just have to accept what happens and not be annoyed or frustrated when it does not.

    The speaker said that if he had stayed at home he would have emitted around 2.75 Tonnes of CO2, but by travelling his emmissions were around 1.8 Tonnes

  3. Fatou Says:

    It would be good to know if the speaker lives in a big house at home, does he drive a car daily etc? I think it is hard to get the correct numbers about the cargo ships he was travelling with etc. Also much of public transport in the less developed world are old and very poluting, so taking a bus in UK maybe less poluting than taking one in India or Burkina Faso. But still it is good that people care.

    What I think is great about your practice from reading your blog is the consistency, even on the days when your body as responsive as on another.
    I lack that patience and committment, but hope to get there someday.

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