What I needed

After a day off practice I know I need to do a Primary series, I need to re-aquaint my anatomy with the postures in a slow, careful way. This is opposed to what I want to do, which is to spend time playing around with all those fun backbends. I know I designated 2009 “The year of the dropback”, but here we are nearly half way through the year, despite the best efforts of myself and my teachers I have seen the floor just a couple of times on my own and seem to be no nearer doing it than I was on January 1st when Cat told me it was time I started to try.

So tonight I managed to spend 2 hours doing “just” Primary series, but as I sit here after with a mug of tea there is a quiet satisfaction that I got through all of it, despite the lack of heat and lack of a teacher. Doing practice outside of the Shala environment is much more of a mental game, the temtation to call it a day at Navasana is always there, that’s my first mental hillock, then getting past the UD ADD stage. All you folks who are lucky enough to have access to a shala, heat and teachers on a daily basis have it easy!

One more day of crap to go at Nepotism UK, then its the weekend, 2 full days of yoga.


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