Dena day 2.

London Midland didn’t get out of bed early enough for me to get to Dena’s Mysore practice, so it had to be AYL this morning. AYL was packed and very hot and sticky, luckily I didn’t have to wait for a space, I found one behind V. in her vivid pink top! I had decided to do a slow full primary, but not push it, knowing I had a 3 hour workshop this afternoon to come. Turned out to be a steady, satisfying practice with nice adjustments from Louise and Ruth. No adjustments until seated, but then helped with Triang Mukha, Supta K and a lovely assist in Baddha Konasana. Dropbacks felt a bit laboured today, despite Louises efforts to help me, afterwards she was telling me I should come up in a “wave” initiated from the hips, one day…..

Closing followed by an indulgently long Savasana, knowing I didn’t have to clock watch for the train home. I was dripping from practice, wearing wet rags, good job I had brought a spare set with me.

A 4 hour rest followed, consisting of breakfast, lots of tea and reading the Sunday Times in the Sacred Cafe Another lovely sunny day in London

Back to Triyoga for the second day of Dena’s workshop at 2pm, surprisingly only 10 people there today, some who had just come for the day, what happened to all of yesterdays yogis and yoginis?? While we were waiting for Dena to come someone asked my name, she had read yesterdays blog entry, a lurker, not often I meet my readers, at least I know there are some now. Anyone who was there today feel free to leave a comment.

We started with breathing, doing the 3 minute breath count exercise, I am now down to 7 breaths in 3 minutes, I wish I could convert this level of control to when I am doing practice and rasping my way through another vinyasa. It was then a lovely 2 hour full Primary series, with occassional stops to explain something. Dena’s puts her ideas across in a very accessible way, one of the many reasons I enjoy doing practice with her. She adjusted my feet in Purvottanasana, telling me they were trying to rotate outwards. Again today she emphasized not collapsing the spine in postures like Dandasana. This afternoons practice was physically easier than I expected it to be having done a practice this morning. I suppose I am used to Dena’s pace, its steady but certainly not fast, so when we got to Supta Kurmasana this afternoon I was easily able to bind both ends on my own. Though it hasn’t been a good day for the second side of Marichyasana D for some reason, I can bind the first side, but couldn’t manage the second side either this morning or this afternoon.

Dena had us do the backbend warm ups again, peeling the back from the floor vertebra by vertebra, before doing full Urdva Dhanurasana’s, I only managed 2 good ones this afternoon, I need more time to set myself up both physically and mentally, which is why I am better in a mysore environment. Halasana is still easy, even on the 2nd practice of the day. Karnapidasana was interesting, Dena got me to flatten my feet to the floor, rather than just having the toes grounded, which dropped my knees lower around my ears. Sirsasana felt balanced and straight to me, then Dena came behind me and pointed out that in fact despite it being comfortable, that my neck was actually twisted. Yet another thing I am going to try and have to be aware of, because I have no doubt when I do the Mysore week in Germany with her next month she will be watching out for it! We finished with chanting and questions. As we sat with hands at prayer of the heart she said at this time this is our true nature. The practice had taken us there.The afternoon had just flown by. Doing practice with Dena is a joy, she brings a light to the practice. May her light keep shining on her students for years to come.


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