My poor sore toes

After an intense weekend of practice, with all those vinyasas and rolling over my toes, I noticed that I actually  have skin missing from the tops of my toes as I started to do some practice this evening. My Yogitoes mat can’t be as soft as it once was, must remember to throw in some fabric softener the next time it goes in the machine.

Practice consisted of the standing sequence, some seated forward bends and some backbends beginning with Salabhasana, which is when I really noticed how sore my toes were, serves me right for sneaking into 2nd series I suppose!

I just needed to stretch today, having done about 10 hours yoga over the weekend I am a bit tired, especially after 8 hours of office boredom today. I hope there’s no camera in the works toilet as I went in there to stretch my back and did some dropbacks down the Loo door!


2 Responses to “My poor sore toes”

  1. ahu Says:

    That is hilarious, I mean you doing backdrops at work toilets! I wonder if someone walked in, what they would think! Normal people usually react to what we do in a “why do you need to do that?” way…

  2. globie Says:

    Don’t worry its a private toilet with a locked door! A while back a Czech girl who works here was talking about Supta K, she had seen a picture and wanted to know how its done. I told her how I get into it. A little later she came out of the Ladies with a red face and puffing, I asked her if she was ok, she replied “Oh yes, I have been trying to get into Supta K”.

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