Faftanga Yoga

A practice today where my body was present on the mat, but my mind was completely elsewhere and it showed in my practice which could have been so much better and more satisfying, if I could have kept my mind on the mat as well. I actually did the practice I set out to do with regard to the asanas, standing, then up to Navasana, finishing with Kino’s backbend sequence.

Too much going on between my ears, usual work crap, preparing a 10 minute talk on Stockholm for next month and counting down the days until I go to Hamburg, where I will have a week of being present in my practice without distractions. I need a break, I have not had a day off yet this year, I’m starting to get stir crazy.


4 Responses to “Faftanga Yoga”

  1. Kai Says:

    What’s Kino’s backbending sequence. Do share! I need all the help I can get!

  2. bestlivingpossible Says:

    Please post Kino’s backbending sequence. Thanks

  3. globie Says:

    Ok this is what we did at Kino’s workshop, if I have forgotten anything, hopefully Susan can jump in and say.

    We started off with lunges, one knee on the floor to make us appreciate how much the front of the body has to take part in a backbend, staying in the lunge position doing backbends with hands to prayer, to forhead and for the advanced hands further back overhead. We then did some of the 2nd series, Purvottanasana, Ustrasana, Laghu Vajrasana and Kapotasana with assistance, Urdva Dhanurasana, on our own and with help (I was lucky enough to have Susan as my partner), then dropbacks. By the time we got to Urdva Dhanurasana I felt my back was much more open, than is usually in Primary. Though alas my teacher does not let me get away with these additions at the Shala! When I practice this sequence home alone I have to use a wall for Kapotasana and dropbacks. Really the sequence gradually opened the back and each pose didnt feel as stressfull as it can for many of us when done in isolation.

  4. Pat Says:

    I love the title. It describes my practice of late.

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