A quick divert to AYL

I had intended to practice at YP today as Cary was there and for a change it wasn’t a Moon day. However the scumbags who run London Midland Trains managed to blow that idea apart as despite the 07:07 saying “On time” at 07:20, can’t these tossers tell the time, the train never actually materialised, which meant having to wait for the next one which stops everywhere, so by the time I got into London it was 08:20, way too late to get across to YP for a meaningful practice.

So it was round the corner to AYL, I got one of the last places up in the corner, spotted V in the same place as last week, I recognise her pink mat with the tell tale foot hole now! Standing felt a bit cramped, mainly I think because I couldnt stretch my arms laterally in the Surya’s due to the student mat density. Helped in Prasarita Padot C and in UHP, though the lack of space makes this hard for both student and teacher.

It was really hot in there again this week, which I like, I feel safe to stretch and go that extra millimetre, in Kurmasana I was squashed flat before being bound (teacher was real quick today, didnt get a chance to experiment on my own) in Supta K. I can do it on my own if given time. Louise adjusted me in Supta Padangusthasana today, can’t remember the last time any teacher did that, it allows a much deeper stretch when the opposite leg is being held in place. Also I think the deep stretch helped Ubhya. Though I am still no nearer coming up and over in Urdva Mukha, I am getting bored with writing that seemingly every week, I just cant seem to get it.

Did Dena’s warm up backbend lifts this morning before 4 x Urdva Dhanurasana, as usual they got better the more I did, then stood up to find Louise patiently waiting at the end of my mat for dropbacks. I am beginning to feel what should be happening, she emphasised again that its my upper back that needs to open. Louise takes me back, I walk my hands in then come back up, I think something, however miniscule is happening, as on the third it struck me that my hands hand landed much further away from the end of the mat than the first 2 attempts, presumably my croquet hoop is taking some shape. Its when things like that happen, helped by lovely teachers like Louise that it gives me the mental lift to keep persevering when I’m home alone.

So despite the abysmal transport system I got my practice.

Home via the Granola lady on my local farmers market, she makes this lovely wheat free granola, its all I can do, not to rip the packet open as I walk home, especially the Belgian chocolate one!


2 Responses to “A quick divert to AYL”

  1. V Says:

    LOL, I really do need a new mat or soon I will be scratching the floorboards with my big toe nail.

  2. globie Says:

    The mat I use at home has strategic holes, funny how some mats wear out so fast.

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