Resistance is futile

I have just given in and started to demolish my last Caramel egg, scrummy yummmy. Its been that kind of day, this morning I walked past my therapy place and on the spur of the moment booked a massage with the brilliant Cristina for a couple of weeks time, she’s all booked up before then. This afternoon I gave in and booked my Eurostar trip to Paris, I am taking my sister with me to the Chocolate Fair, where hopefully I will meet up with U and Ed again,  2 ashtangis and 2 non ashtangis will perfom the choco stuff yourself vinyasa coco asana, just how many Lindt balls can you eat before Supta K disappears over the horizon?

Practice this week has been a bit disjointed, Monday was Moon day and after that I never seemed to get my head round it. I didn’t practice hardly at all on Wednesday or Friday. This morning I went shopping then after a cuppa got on my mat and contrived to spend a very slow 2 and a bit hours doing Primary and a load of backbends, which were surprisingly good, maybe my back needed a break, but I actually saw the end of my mat again when I played around with dropbacks.

I hope the train actually turns up tomorrow, they say the mercury is going to hit 28c in London, so what temperature the AYL oven will reach is anyones guess, but I am looking forward to it, practice is just so much better in the warm, my left QL doesn’t go into shock at the thought of Mari C & D when its warm and a slithery Supta K may let me win the race to bind my own hands and feet before Louise spots me 🙂

That egg was tasty, must find out when Easter 2010 is.

PS I promise not to nick V’s space!

4 Responses to “Resistance is futile”

  1. V Says:

    LOL, you’d probably have to camp overnight or something! 😀

  2. Pat Says:

    I went looking for Galaxy eggs. They’re gone here 😦 I’m a long time tenant of “can’t do Supta K” even without the eggs (or because of other things I can’t resist ;)). Welcome to my world!

  3. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    vinyasa coco asana, hehe.

  4. globie Says:

    V, I see you signed in before my train even left for London, no chance of me ever getting that coveted space!

    Pat, maybe next year I should buy more eggs and store them, I could try and allow myself maybe 1 per week, do you think that would work? No, nor do I!

    Hi Arturo,
    Chocolate is my only vice, though its currently under control, but my resistance will be tested when I see that chocolate fair.

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