Just walking from the station to the Shala it was already stickily hot. I love the heat, practice is so much easier, but today the heat felt stifling. No chance of me nicking V’s special space, I saw the holy pink mat as soon as I walked in. I grabbed a space 2 along. It was a good spot because those on either side were already doing seated, so I could stretch out wide and up in the Surya Namaskars.

The heat felt sapping, there didn’t seem to be much airflow, despite the top windows being open, I was drenched, in UHP despite help, I had trouble keeping a hold of my toe, everything was slithery. When I got to seated the temperature at floor level seemed even more intense and draining, assist in Triang Mukha to keep me level, why can’t I sit on both sit bones at the same time? I could feel myself struggling for energy and it was hard to keep an ujayi breath, my knees liked the heat, I managed all the Mari’s up to 2nd side of D, I was too slithery to bind, luckily Louise came along and deftly managed to help my hands join. Some teachers seem to have a knack with Mari D, my knee was ok and my niggling QL didn’t blink. As I did the vinyasa I just felt wiped out. I lost the Supta K race to Louise, I thought I was slithery enough to get into before anyone spotted me, I was hanging out in Kurmasana, gradually moving my arms back when she arrived to easily bind me up, at least it doesn’t seem to take her any effort nowadays to get me there.

By the time closing came I was really tired, I had a dose of UD ADD, my first Urdva Dhanurasana was crap, but after that I managed 3 more reasonable ones, walking in a little to get more bend and get my hips more towards my ankles. No backdrop playtime on my own today, Ruth was waiting for me as soon as I stood up, she took me through 3, they felt ok, usually Louise does them with me. Ruth had me walking my hands in at the bottom, then coming up on the 3rd rock, though she said I still try and lead with my head, when I do consciously try not to. She said to put my brain in my ankle! So this pose requires me to look like a croquet hoop, with my brain in my ankle and not pass out or get dizzy, oh and I am sure I have to breathe at some point. No I enjoy the backdrops now, the fear has gone.

Closing in the finishing room, a long Sirsasana today, it just felt right to stay up there and a nice long Savasana, before peeling my yoga togs off and heading for home. Home via Pret, V was right about Pret having a better class of croissant.


3 Responses to “Stifling”

  1. openingslowly Says:

    I have to say I wasn’t too sad to miss the heat today, when you are dripping in sura A then it has gone too far….. Mysore was cooler than AYL is sometimes 😉

  2. globie Says:

    Goa was cooler than AYL! I don;’t mind the heat so much, but it just seemed so airless and stuffy, especially at ground level.

  3. Pat Says:

    Ah, a proper summer for now.

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