Nanny State

After practice last night I was watching the news, some NHS spokesman came on giving advice about how we should all be coping with the hot weather. It was as if they were trying to avoid people sueing the government for the sun coming out. Having sweated my way through 2 hours of Primary I had to laugh when he said we should all try not to exert ourselves and rest as much as we can.

The upstairs of my house was an oven, having been closed up all day, it wasn’t quite as hot as AYL on Sunday, but not far off. A nice practice where I accidentally found that I can now get my left leg behind my head! No I was doing Primary, but I usually bring my foot up to my chest before coaxing it into lotus for Marichyasana etc, but last night found I could get it higher. I presume its a result of all the Supta K work I have done over the last year.

It was nice to play around with dropbacks, the teachers were on me fast on Sunday so I didn’t get any experimenting time, but last night I played around with cross arms and bouncing off the door and trying to hang back, though that feels a bit dangerous home alone, there is a fine line between holding myself up and losing it and crashing backwards.


2 Responses to “Nanny State”

  1. alfiamyst Says:

    How is the situation with air conditioners in London? The weather is OK now in DC, but sometimes it gets so hot, one can survive only by moving from one building to another. And they keep the buildings so cold, I have to go outside sometimes to warm up! So messed up.

    Congrats with getting your leg behind the neck! When I did it the first time, my lower back was very unhappy. My teacher explained that the thigh muscles are so much stronger that the back muscles, the latter have trouble counteracting the pressure.

  2. globie Says:

    We have that problem with aircon in shops and offices, its too extreme, freeze or fry there’s no happy medium it seems.

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