Just 3 at the shala!

A very intense practice this morning with lots of adjustment, due to the fact that there were just 3 of us doing Mysore practice with Michaela at TLC this morning! I have never seen so few, last month it was packed. At the start my shoulder was niggling me during the Surya’s so I slowed down and took more care, usual adjustments in standing, Parsvakonasana, PP-C & UHP.

Lots of help during seated, incredibly deep Triang Mukha, Janu A and Mari A and a wrist bind in Mari C and a bind on the second side of Mari D. I was most of the way into Supta K on my own before Michaela arrived to cross my feet and help me lift. The adjustments were good today, sometimes it feels much harder, almost stressful when you are being adjusted more deeply into a posture, but today I was able to let go and go with it and think about my breath and just release.

Urdva Dhanurasana was a bit of a struggle, though I got help in all 3 and was subsequently in them for far longer than 5 breaths. Michaela then helped me with dropbacks, she made an interesting comment that my dropback backbends are much much deeper than my UD’s, in dropbacks I can feel that my chest and upper back is working harder, she let me go quite a way each time before intervening to take me to the floor. I think my shoulder rotation needs to change so that when the time comes I stand a chance of having my hands in the correct place to land a dropback….. one day

So an unexpectedly good practice before heading into the city to the cafe for my brunch and then to Holborn to give my talk on Stockholm to 80 plus people, it seemed to be well received, quite a few came up after to say they enjoyed it.

That train had better turn up tomorrow, its been far too long since I did practice with Cary at YP, I need her input.


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